History of Mang inasal– Thrilling Story for Entrepreneur!

The history of mang inasal, a famous fast food chain, is very interesting. How it was started and reached to the zenith of glory would worthwhile to discuss. Historyof mang inasal may surprise you.

This restaurant was started by a college drop out guy.  Edgar “Injap” Sia II is the name of its founder. The foundation stone of this brand was laid down on 12 december 2003, lloilo city.  

The History of Mang Inasal

Edgar Injap Sia II is the owner of the brand. He started this fast food business when he was just 26 years old. It is pertinent to mention that he developed his interest in the food business when he was 20 years old. 

On 12 december 2003, Shia opened his first branch at Rbinson mall in  lloilo city of philippines. Despite the tough competition, the stall of mang inasal made its space. It attracted maximum number of people because of its thrilling menu with traditional taste. Moreover, unique style of grilling the chicken was the led to establish foothold.

Shia decided to expand its network. Thus, he made his first branch in the Visayas region. Later on ,he opened in metro Manila and Mindanao. This process is still continuing as there are 576 branches in every part of the country.
A breakthrough occurred in October 2010, when Jollibee Foods Corporation(JFC) took possession of 70% of shares. This deal was done for  ₱3 billion or 68.8 million dollars. In April 2016, Jollibee Foods corporation took over the 100% by acquiring the remaining 30%.

 Mang inasal is facilitating its customers by providing trational recipes at economical prices. These iconic dishes comprises Mang inasal chicken, creamy hao-halo dessert, pork BBQ, palabok. The customer base of the mang inasal restaurant is continuously growing as it encourages dine-in,takeout and delivery.

Back In 2012, mang inasal appeared on social media platforms. 100,000 people are members of  its facebook group while 1.9 million facebook followers, make it one of the largest groups.

Do you know Edgar Sia?

It is the success story of Edgar who was born on January 9,1977.  His parents were half Chinese and half japanese. At the start of his career, Sia wanted to become an architect but he dropped out from the University of San Agustin. This caused him to start his own food chain restaurant.

Do you know Edgar Sia
Basic Information


edgar sia career

Edgar started his fast food chain in 2003. This brand is famous for grilled chicken. This chain has more than 576 branches to date. In 2011, he became the young billionaire by selling 70% of its mang inasal’s share to Jollibee Food Corporation.

In the same way, Edgar started his own real estate business under the brand of  Injap Land Corporation. This corporation is known as DoubleDragon properties corporation. In 20214, doubledragon became the public company having the vision to develop commercial and public properties. reportedly, DoubleDragon has built 100 plus malls and a city centre by 2020.

Similarly, DoubleDragon successfully took over the complete share of Hotel of Asia, Inc in 2016.


 Injap was awarded by Enterprise Asia and MVP Bossing Awards in the year of 2016. The year 2023 marked him as the most influential person of Asia. 

edgar sia awards

Market Profile of Mang Inasal

mang inasal marketing

The customer base of the mang inasal is low income families of philippines. It targets those families which have the average income between 12000php to 30000php. Now the question arises how it is economical? It brings all of its raw material from the local market. However, the other brands import much of its raw materials.

Franchising and Expansion

Mang inasal welcomes the new partners for franchising. Company provides the franchising at the cost of 7 million peso for the 7 years. Company is responsible for hiring,training and branding. It also has a team of architects and civil engineers in order to oversee whether the location of the branch is profitable or not. 

Company gives edge to compelling location. Site location must be close to the city centre,malls and high traffic areas. This brings more business to the company. The store of mang inasal usually operates between 10 AM to 10 PM.


Marketing techniques of the mang inasal is exemplary.  In order to attract the customers,mang inasal uses print,electronic, billboards,tv,and radio. The focus of the advertisement is to promote unlimited rice and an iconic dish of mang inasal that is chicken inasal. It is an established fact that people of the Philippines are heavy consumers of rice. Prices of the dishes makes the advertisement of mang inasal more productive.

RJ Jabeguero-Rodillo(Mang inasal head of digital and PR ) elaborated that social media platforms like facebook and instagram have opened the window of opportunities in order to find the like and dislike of the customers. RJ further quoted that it helps in building relationships more than ever before.

In the year 2016, silver award was given to the mang inasal for its viral marketing strategies. Keeping the modern social media trends, it has made numbers of game plans like “16 Cups Challenge”.  This approach allows the brand to keep the customers engaging.

Marketing team of the brand is continuously working on keeping the marketing game plan on the right track. For this reason, it has been exploring new avenues at social media platforms in order to value its customers.


The method of supply chain in the mang inasal is very fascinating and delightful. It ensures the fast delivery to its customers. For this reason, it uses different plans and schemes. For example, urban stores use public transport for the transportation of raw materials like bamboo,charcoal, banana, and others.

 On the other hand, it uses   two ways for delivery of raw materials. Firstly, delivery vans and secondly padicap. All the ingredients which are non damageable are delivered by padicaps.

Besides this, strict measures are taken at every purchasing and transporting the materials. To do this, the purchasing department of the company keeps an eye on the whole system.

It is worthwhile to write here, as mang inasal is cost effective and economical. Do you know how? It purchases most of its raw materials like rice, chicken, bamboo, banana and fish from local suppliers. This made the prices reasonable.

mang inasal logistics


Mang inasal is progressing more than ever before. It has opened its store in every corner of the philippines. According to President Mike V. Castro, they are working day and night to provide its signature dish inasal chicken to the common masses of the country. It is pertinent to mention that it has opened 7 new branches in different cities of the state.

Aim of mang inasal

Helping His Local Community

The purpose of the mang inasal is to alleviate the unemployment by helping the local communities. This barbecue branch has more than 1500 empoyees working in different capacities. The average earnings of workers are Php 8,229 per month. 
Similarly, in order to faciliatet the local masses, mang inasal purchases much of its raw materials from the local community. It ranges from fish to rice to banana and bambo. For instance, people of Guimaras   are the suppliers of banana leaves whole bambo sticks are provided by the communities living in iloilo.

Unli Rice” Captures “Make-or Break” City

In 2006, the Philippines, there was a rice crisis in the entire country. The owner of the mang inasal took the decisive action by offering unlimited rice to its people. It has broadened the scope of mang inasal as this approach brought maximum numbers of customers. Now ,this is the only barbecue brand which offers unlimited rice to its customers.

Frequently Asked Question

Mang inasal was opened on 23 december,2003 by edgar at the iloilo city.

Chicken inasal was the popular dish of Bacolod city which was known as chicken country. 

Edar sia is the founder of mang inasal who started its first food business at the age of 23.

Bacolod is the birthplace of the mang inasal. Inasal means iniihaw or roasted meat.

A filipino businessman Edgar sia is the ceo of mang inasal.

In the year of 2023, mang inasal revenue was around $135.1 million , ₱7479000000.


To wrap up, mang inasal’s evolution and background is inspiring.Its owner Edgar is the richest person of the philippines. He dropped out from university which proved to be worthwhile. He built 576 branches and this process is continuing. He is working hard in order to eradicate the economic injustice from society by providing endless opportunities.similarly, he made the breakthrough after announcing the unlimited rice for its food lovers.

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