Mang Inasal E-gifts, vouchers and certificates

People face challenges at mang inasal stores when they come intact with  e-gifts, vouchers and certificates. As Mang inasal facilitates its customers by offering such promotional strategies. Many people are unaware of these Egifts: how to use these gifts, what is the duration of such certificates and many more.

I recently paid a visit to the mang inasal stores in order to unmask the mystery. So, the e-gifts and certificates may be helpful while purchasing the food items of the mang inasal. Here is the complete guide which will solve your issues.

Mang Inasal E-gifts, vouchers and certificates

What are Mang Inasal e- Gifts and Certificates?

Electronic gifts are digital products which can be used to order food items out of menu package of Mang inasal.  These certificates allow the customers to get discounted food items. This is the handy way to delight its customers and food lovers.

Different Forms and types of e-gifts

There are 2 basic types of electronic gifts. These gifts include, Electronic product voucher or e- product voucher and electronic cash or e- cash voucher. What are the core purposes of evoucher? Well, e- product voucher is used for specific products or items of the mang inasal. 

In the same line,  e-cash voucher is similar to paper gift certificates. It has the peso domination.

Different Forms and types of e-gifts

Are e-certificates available at every store? 

There are only a few stores which are providing the e-gifts. However, the support team of mang inasal is going to include maximum numbers of stores. For now, this facility is available at Cebu, Carcar, Iloilo and Gaisano Davao branch.

What is the procedure to get a mang inasal voucher?

What is the procedure to get a mang inasal voucher?

It is a simple method to get the e-voucher of the mang inasal. You have to contact the branch or store. Thus, an email or SMS will be forwarded to your cell phone. This voucher is ready to use now.

What are the payment gateways to get the evoucher?

There are a range of methods of getting the evoucher. These methods are credit and debit card, paymaya, Gcash, Grabpay,globe and smart. By using any method , one can get voucher and certificate of mang inasal.

What are the payment gateways to get the vouchers ?

Terms and conditions of e-voucher

Following are the basic but important terms for using electronic gift and voucher.

  • These e-gifts, e product or e cash, can be used for dine in or takeaway payments. Keep this thing in mind, while visiting the store .
  • Every gift has its own distinctive code. This code indicates the price of the item which is purchasable.  You have to buy items as per the value of the code. If the purchase increases the code value, you should have to pay the money.

Do senior citizens get discounts ?

Do senior citizens get discounts ?

Of course, senior citizens are honoured to get a discount for the use of e cash voucher. Apart from this, there is no discount for e product voucher. 

 How to solve the issues related to vouchers?

How to solve Issues Related to mang inasal vouchers?

There are multiple methods to resolve the issues and concerns related to voucher. Complaints regarding E product voucher are treated differently  than that of e cash voucher. Thus, use the following methods to get the issue resolved.

Use the following method for e cash voucher.

For e cash voucher
email[email protected]

My Personal Experience of  Visiting the Mang Inasal Stores

I visited the store to unearth the fact of e-gifts and how it works. I had my own code to use. Branch manager took the code for further process. He validated and authenticated the code, with the help of the system.

Few minutes later, the branch manager finalised his process. In this process, the manager knows what is the value to voucher or e gift and when it is going to expire. The system sends the particular response which the manager has to follow the guideline.

In order to minimise the chances of fraud and scam, it is important to note that it is only one time process.only manager can use the code for further process. 

More important detail is here, if the amount of  items you purchased is less than the value of code, don’t pay money. else , you have to pay the money as per the prices of items.

Similarly,  these gifts cannot be used for certain promotional items or menu of the mang inasal. It is important to contact the branch before visiting. It will save much of your energy.

only 5 gifts can be used at a time. Otherwise, e certificates will not work. In the same way, don’t share your personal data and bank details with anyone. The store manager of mang inasal never asks for personal data.


In a nutshell, vouchers impact on the purchasing power of the customers. The important instructions like how to get the e gifts, duration and other terms and conditions are revealed in the article. So, use it for your own benefit. You can share this detail to the other people who frequently pay visit the mang inasal branches.

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