What is the Value Proposition of the Mang Inasal?Top Values

Value proposition is the giving value to the customers. This is done  by providing quality food, economical prices and benefits of using products over the rival brands. Because of this, the Mang Inasal gives reasons to the customers to use its products instead of KFC, Mcdonald, Jollibee and Chowking.

Following these proposition the mang inasal providing cultural taste, filipino cuisine and economical prices. All of these things are provided by any other fast food brands like KFC, jollibee, chowking and mcdonald.

Mang Inasal proposition values

What is the Meaning of Value Proposition?

It is the set of reasons which persuade the customers to purchase products of the brand instead of other brands.  It also answers the questions of why customers should buy their products.

Every brand has its own set of values. Whether it is in real estate business, food business or any other. By the same token, Mang Inasal is no more unique.

What is Value Propostion of mang inasal?

Different Levels of Proposition

It consists of  3 main pillars. Firstly Strategic Level, secondly, product Level and thirdly Brand Level.

1- Strategy Level.

It is the basic level of proposition. It is meant to define what are the core competencies of the brand or business . It defines how  to get leverage on the other brands. I mean providing the best services, quality and similar stuff.

It also highlights the fact that what are the potential customers of a business. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are their marketing strategies and how they are surviving in the industry.

By following all of these things, businesses chalk out their own plan and strategy.

Strategic Level

How Mang Inasal Defines Its Strategy Level?

Mang Inasal Stratgy Level

Mang Inasal defined its strategy after studying its competitors. Jollibee was the main competitor of mang inasal. Edgar Sia studied this fact. He used his mind and heart in order to compete the jollibee.

For example, none in the food industry was providing the traditional taste to the customers.edgar sia took this fact as an opportunity and started providing chicken inasal in a traditional way. This was the death blow for the giant brand like Jollibee.

2-Product Level

Product level is the next stage of the value proposition. This level is based upon 4Ps. Businesses answer to the product, price, place and promotion. Every Brand wants to take upper hand over its rival brands.

To do this, businesses define their products. What is the reason, customer should buy their products instead of others? At this point, brands introduce some innovations, improve quality and others.

Price is another pivotal factor which correlates with the product. Price is the blood  of the products. As long as the product is cost effective, it will increase the customer base.

Product Level

How does Mang Inasal define its Product Level?

Mang Inaasal Products

Mang inasal product level is very interesting. Its core products are chicken inasal coupled with unlimited rice. Prices of mang inasal products are very cost effective. As mang inasal targeted customers are middle class. Thus, the prices of mang inasal are very cost effective.

3-Brand Level

Brand level is the super set of both strategy level and product level. This level provides the executive summary of the overall business. This summary contains the targeted customer, products,price, competitors and many others.

Mang Inasal Value Proposition

Mang inasal has been growing to the zenith of glory. As it provides maximum value to its customers which none other brand can provide. 

After reading this section, you will come to know why people give priority to the mang inasal instead of other fast food brands operating in the industry.

Traditional Filipino Grilled Chicken

Chicken inasal is the signature and game of the show of mang inasal. It is cooked with the help of special herbs and spices. For example annatto oil, garlic, sauces and others.

 It is cooked over charcoal with bamboo sticks. Moreover, it is served on the banana leaves. This characteristic is present in no other brand but in mang inasal.

Similarly, KFC is famous for fried chicken as it lacks the traditional taste and texture. Mcdonald is dealing in burgers only.

All in all, mang inasal provides the classical taste to its customers. This is the reason to choose mang Inasal over the other brands.

chicken inasal recipe of mang inasal

Unlimited Rice

Unlimited rice of mang inasal

Unlimited rice is another reason for choosing mang inasal instead of other brands. Unlimited rice is meant to alleviate poverty from the Filipino society. 

This gives value to the customers. Customers feel how supportive mang inasal is as they think about the middle and lower middle class.

Thus, concepts like unlimited rice are never found in the other brands like KFC, Jollibee, Mcdonald.

Prices of Mang Inasal

 Prices of mang inasal per item is very crazy. It provides the quality food under the cost effective prices. As I have already mentioned, Mang inasal targets the middle class customers. The prices of mang inasal per item is lowered as compared to the other brands.

Mang Inasal Prices

Fast Delivery

Quick Serice of mang inasal

Mang inasal valued its customers by providing the fast and quick delivery to its customers. Actually, mang inasal owns the customers and gives them respect. 

I frequently visit the mang inasal stores. I know the status of the crowd at the mang inasal stores. But, crew Members of mang inasal are very energetic and active. Last time, I served under 5 minutes. This is an unparalleled delivery service which gives more power to customers to visit mang inasal.

Chicken InasalProducts
Friendly EnvironmentPlace
Use of Digital Media for MarketingPromotion
Cost Effective pricesPrice
Quick ServiceProcess
Dine in/ take awayPlace
Traditional Taste & MenuProducts


Currently,Market value of the mang inasal is arowund 80 billion pesos. 70% of the mang inasal was purchased by jollibee of a whopping 68 millions of dollars in 2010. Rest of 30% purchase in 2016.

Chicken inasal and unilited rice are the two  top notch mang inasal products which has won the hearts and minds of the mang inasal.


In sum, The value proposition of the mang inasal is the value which it gives to its customers. It gives respect to its consumers by providing quality food, low prices, wide range of menu and unique marketing strategy. All of this provides the answer to the clients to chy should they choose mang inasal instead of other brands like KFC, Mcdonald and others.

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