Mang Inasal Special Treatment at Ist UN Tourism Forum | Gastronomy Tourism

The UN tourism forum organised the first gastronomy tourism for the Asia and Pacific region in the city of Lapu-Lapu Philippines. This event was started on 26 june,2024. The purpose of the  event was to promote the local food, cuisine and taste for the tourists. It would be helpful for beefing up the local economy.

Mang Inasal,famous for local grilled food, remained the focus point of the event. The guests, tourists and attendees were delighted after tasting the mang inasal ihaw sharap.Besides, there were 500 participants attending the event.

Ist UN Tourism Forum

What is Gastronomy Tourism?

Gastronomy tourism is the type of tourism which is associated with the local food, cuisine and tourism. Tourists explore the food of the local cuisine. 

This is very helpful for bringing people of different cultures and ethnicity. Thus, bridging the gulf amongst people, nations and countries. Gastronomy tourism acts as a source of peace and tranquillity.

Besides, gastronomy tourism offers unparalleled growth to the local economy. Resultantly, it offers jobs and employment.

What is Gastronomy Tourism?

Who Attended the UN Tourism Forum?

The United tourism forum was attended by the secretary of United Nation Tourism Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili, city mayor of Lapu-Lapu Junard Chan and secretary of tourism of philippine Mr. Christina Frasco and Mike V. Castro.

who are the participents of UN tourism forum

What were the Views of Participants ?

UN secretary of tourism Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili highlighted the importance of gastronomy tourism. He explores that forums like the United Nation Tourism forum will help sharing the food ideas and experience.

Lapu-Lapu Junard Chan said that despite the huge competition in the food industry, gastronomy will be a deciding factor in the future course of time.

The Filipino tourism minister said that food tourism was the source of collaboration, cultural exchange and others. All in all, He highlighted the importance of local food and the local economy.

Mang Inasal Special Treatment at Tourism Forum

Mang Inasal president Mike V. Castro thanked the event organisers by saying that it is honour for mang inasal to be the part of United Nation Tourism Forum.

Mike V. Castro further argued that the world would remember the Inshaw Sarap(delicious grilled ) of the Mang Inasal. Mike V also uncovered the family fiesta which included Mang Inasal chicken,pork bbq,Limpo Tongue and Java rice.

Mang Inasal Special Treatment at UN Tourism Forum


Gastronomy tourism is the type of tourism which is associated with local food and tourists.

The United Nation of tourism organised the first United Tourism forum where the food experts,chefs, UN secretary of tourism, filipino food tourism and Mang Inasal president Mike V. Castro was part of the event.


To summarise, the United Nation Tourism forum was an insightful forum for sharing of the ideas and local food experience. It allowed the chefs and talented food lovers to present the soft image of the nation states. Besides, such events are helpful in promoting gastronomy tourism. Mang inasal remained the central part of the event because of its local food like mang inasal chicken.

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