Mang Inasal Becomes 15th  Strongest Brand of the Philippines 2024

Mang Inasal is declared as the most valuable brand of the Philippines. Very recently, a London based brand which is known as Brand Finance has revealed that Mang Inasal market value has scaled up to 201%. This fact makes it the 15th Strongest Brand of the philippines.

Mang Inasal Becomes 15th  Strongest Brand of the Philippines 2024

In the year 2023, the stock value of the mang inasal was 80 billion pesos, which was equal to 1.38 billion usd dollars. In the may 2024, the market value of the mang inasal has crossed the $4.1538 billion.

This is a huge increase in the stock price of the mang inasal. Following the 201% in stock market, Mang Inasal has become the most valued and value gainer fast food company of the philippines.

All of these facts were revealed by the columnist whose name was Doris Dmlao- Abdilla in Biz Buzz.

The market has witnessed that the position of the Mang Inasal has improved 8 times which makes it the 15th popular brand of the philippines.

It is important to note that Jollibee Foods Corporation which owns the Mang Inasal, its stock  value has increased by 51% domestically which at global level Jollibee position has declined by 4%.

What Makes Mang Inasal 15th Strongest Brand?

Mang inasal has been improving its image not in the philippines but other parts of the world. For example, More and more people prefer to go to Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi. In the same way, people of Qater, Saudi Arabia and, USA, Canada and others love to attend Mnag Inasal Store

Following are the reasons which pave the way for making Mang Inasal a popular Brand.

Store Network and Expansion

Mang inasal has continuously expanded its stores and allowed the people to buy its franchise. So far, there are 591 branches of the mang inasal alone in the Philippines. This trend continues. 

It is worth remarking that since the acquisition of the Mang Inasal by the Jollibee Foods Corporation, It is heavily investing in the expansion of the Mang Inasal. JFC does so as to overtake its potential competitors and business rivals like Mcdonalds and KFC etc.

Store Network

Quality Standard

quality food of mang inasal

Mang inasal has never compromised on the quality of the food. It provides the best and top notch services for its customers. This sense of loyalty makes this brand the most powerful and valued one.

Love of People

Mang inasal is the most loveable brand of the philippines. People of the Philippines have been living all over the world. Why peope choose mang inasal just becauce, People share emotions, feelings and respect for the home grown fast food brand.

Love of People

It is notable to quote that Brand Finance,Global Brand Valuation Consultancy Firm, helps businesses in order to unearth the true value and potential worth of the Businesses By using the information and stock value, Businesses use these information and make the decision accordingly. 

So far, Brand Finance helped thousands of the companies and businesses for their brand value. Thus, it increases their businesses.

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