Incredible Strategic Plans of Mang Inasal

Strategic plans of mang inasal is making it the most successful fast food brand. These plans give leverage to the other competitors in the food industry. It sets future goals, objectives and growth of the business.

Incredible Strategic Plans of Mang Inasal

Mang inasal sets marketing plans, pricing strategies, branding and target market. Following this, mang inasal also developed its youthful and innovative menu which satisfies the taste buds of customers.Let’s jump into the lesson in order to unmask the strategic planning of mang inasal.

Who Makes Strategic Plans ?

Edgar Sia II, the founder of mang inasal, and CEO of mang inasal usually make the strategic plans for mang inasal.the head office of mang inasal is used in order to chalk out strategic planning. 

For Example, At the early days of mang inasal, it was thought to offer soup, unlimited rice along with famous mang inasal chicken. This strategy went so successful which is still working for the mang inasal.

edgar sia makes plan for mang inasal

Latest Profile of the Company

latest mang inasal profile and status

The age of mang inasal is 20 years. Its annual revenue has reached a whooping 135.1 million dollars in 2023. This revenue is more than the bagne which is famous in the meat and packing industry. 

Apart From this, mang inasal uses a variety of advertising channels in order to promote its innovative menu. This is the fact that makes its customers loyal to the mang inasal.Well educated and civilised crew staff, quick service, trustworthy management are the core values which are making it successful. 

Mang inasal stores are more than 591. These stores are located at the prime locations which are helpful in attracting the customers.Activities of stores start at 10 am and end at 12 am. Some of the stores are working 24/7.

Environmental Factors

Mang inasal is successfully beating off its environmental factors. These factors include interest rate, pay rate,cost of living and others which are critical for the mang inasal. Thus, it affects the mang inasal organisation directly and indirectly.

mang inasal environmental factors

Competitive Analysis

Mang inasal competitve analysis

Mang inasal is always looking for opportunities in order to satisfy its customers. It adds value to its products in order to attract non customers. It is an established fact that pricing and innovative menus always attract the customers. 

This is a  challenge for the mang inasal to make its menus and prices as per the purchasing power of the customers. Therefore, it provides promo codes, discounts and value added meals to its customers and non customers.

Trends of Market

Mang inasal always provides traditional and local recipes to its customers. One can experience this thing at mang inasal stores.

Charcoal grilled chicken, bamboo sticks coupled with wrapped rice in the banana leaves are always appealing to the customers.

These traditional touch in food is another part of mang inasal strategic planning. It opens the window of opportunities to attract the customers.

mang inasal market trends

SWOT Analysis of Mang Inasal


  • Crew staff of mang inasal are highly educated and organised which are playing its part in the success of mang inasal.
  • Traditional recipes are more attractive for customers
  • Unique selling, competitive price with innovative prices are playing its part in the progress of mang inasal.
  • Unlimited rice is another worth remarking here. This trend brings more and more customers for the mang inasal.


  • People are always complaining about the slow delivery services of mang inasal
  • Employee turnover is high  despite the competitive salaries and other benefits which includes job security.
  • Shortage of employees is another weak point of mang inasal. 


  • Technological advancement is worth the opportunity for mang inasal. 
  • International expansion is paying the way for mang inasal. The story of mang  inasal has been opened in Dubai, Qatar, Japan, Canada and the USA.


  • Cost is a grave threat to mang inasal. As the inflation rate after the pandemic skyrocketed.
  • Direct competition from other brands especially which are offering similar types of menus is another disturbing point.

Objectives of Mang Inasal

Strategic Plans of Mang inasal always prioritises its customers. For this reason, it provides a window of opportunities in terms of cost, menus and others.

 For retaining the customer base, it provides a friendly environment, meeting standards of sanitation and cleanliness.

mang inasal objectives

Targeted Customers

Mang inasal customers

Strategic plans of Mang inasal is good for families, young professionals, students and the working class. All of these groups are helpful for the mang inasal for growing its business. Mang inasal has established this fact to provide traditional food at a low price. 

Mang inasal soup and unlimited rice are the two main dishes for mang inasal that attracts its customers more than ever.

Additionally, Mang inasal allows discounts, codes and promotional mix for attract the other potential customers.

Marketing Strategy Of Mang Inasal

Product Strategy

Mang inasal has made a unique product line which keeps it above its competitors. Since the start of the business, mang inasal is continuously improving its strategy. 

For example, mang inasal serves its famous mang inasal chicken with soup, chicken inasal oil and unlimited rice wrapped in banana leaves. This product strategy is the hot selling strategy of mang inasal.

Mang Inasal Product Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Mang Inasal pricing Strategy

Mang inasal’s pricing  strategy is unmatchable. In order to provide fresh and youthful food, mang inasal uses bundling pricing. By this bundling strategy mang inasal uses promo codes, deals and others for its customers to provide discounted prices.

Besides, mang inasal gets its products and items like chicken, rice and drinks from the local market. This provides competitive advantages over other brands. This is how mang inasal maintains its price.


Mang inasal is very conscious about its branding. It aligns its efforts in order to improve its products. Thus, it makes the products valuable. They serve unlimited rice wrapped in banana leaves, use of bamboo sticks coupled with traditional grilled chicken .This is helpful for improving branding.

Mang Inasal branding


Mang Inasal advertisement

Mang inasal uses tv, billboard,flyers and other means of promotion in order to make the people aware of. Thus, they spend a hefty amount on promotional activities. Therefore, it is helpful in attracting the customers.


Strategic plans of Mang inasal are very crucial. It decides the annual sales, customers loyalty and brand awareness. Mang inasal uses marketing strategies for controlling pricing and awareness of brands through promotional activities.Apart from this swot analysis, goals of mang inasal and customer bases are part of plans of mang inasal.

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