Sinigang na Baboy Mang Inasal-How to Make?

Scores of people face problems while making sinigang soup just like mang inasal soup. Lack of information, inexperience and guidance, they come up in bad taste. This thing makes the people unhappy and unpleasant.

Here is the solution. Complete tutorial will help you learn how to cook classical sinigang na baboy. By following the step by step guide, you will be able to make the exact dish. Let’s start the lesson.

Sinigang na Baboy Mang Inasal

Why I love sinigang na baboy?

Sinigang is a long established,historic and conventional soup. It gives me a warm and comforting feeling when I take it during the cold season. Even i take this broth during hot summer.

Additionally, it is the part of popular mang inasal menu which make me happy.

why i love sinigang na baboy?

I remember those days when my mom made sinigang pork for me when I was young. How can I forget when I used to bring ingredients for sinigang. These were early days when I started exploring cooking.

Decoding Meaning of Sinigang Na Baboy

Sinigang means soup.its flavour, taste and health benefits make it popular. It is enriched with protein, fibre and what not. This soup has gained popularity because of its unique and distinctive taste.

There are a number of ingredients which are essential to this broth. It includes pork, onion, and others. All of these things give a nice and fine taste to the recipe.

Ingredients and items required

Cooking oil

3 tablespoons


1000 gram


1 large


1 large

Fish sauce

4-5 tablespoon


2 litre

Tamarind soup

1 litre


3 pieces

String beans

200 grams

Eggplant japanese

1 sliced


1 bunch

Black pepper

As per taste


As per taste




7 to 8

Green chilli



1 thumb size, minced

How to Cook Sinigang na Baboy?

Heating Cooking Oil

Take the pan and add 1 and half tablespoons of cooking oil. Let the oil warm by setting low to medium.

oili n-pan

Pork Meat

Pork Meat

Take the pork meat and cut it into small pieces. Belly or ribs can be used here in this case. Add the pieces of pork into the pan. Ensure that oil in the pan must be hot. After adding pork pieces, stir it carefully for 3 to 4 minutes. It is worth mentioning here that pork meat must be brown from every side.

Once the meat is brown, take the meat out of the pan. Transfer it to another bowl . cover the bowl with its lid or one can use foil paper. This will help keep the meat warm.

Heating up Remaining Oil

Now it’s the turn of remaining cooking oil. The remaining quantity of oil should be added to the saucepan after removing pork meat. Flame of meat must be low to medium.

oili n-pan

Addition of onion

onion for sinigang na baboy

Cut the onion into 4 large pieces. Add these pieces into the saucepan. Start stirring it until all the onion layers get separated.

Addition of fish sauce, pork In water

As we have taken 2 litres of water.add this water into the saucepan. Add fish sauce and pork meat. Take the spoon and stir the entire mixture with the spoon. Wait until the water of the mixture starts boiling. 

You will notice that a white suds or foams appear on the mixture.Remove it with the help of a spoon.

Fish Sauce for sinigang na baboy

Addition of salt and tomato


Add tomato and pepper  into the boiling mixture. Stir it with the help of a spoon. Wait for further process until tomato starts softening.

Simmering the Soup

Now it’s turn to simmer the soup. It will take half an hour to 45 minutes. This simmering will make the meat more tender. It is pertinent to mention that water should be 1 and half litre of the soup. If not, you can add water as per need.

Simmering the Soup

Addition of tamarind juice

Addition of tamarind juice

Add tamarind juice into the simmering water. The quantity of tamarind juice is 1 litre. Mix it well with the help of a spoon. 

You can add tamarind powder instead of juice into the broth. If you go with powder, 2 to 3 packets are required. 

Insead of the above mentioned method, you can use tamarind fruits. 2 to 3 fruits are enough.  Add fruits into the pan and add 2 cups of water. Boil it until it becomes soft. Mesh the fruits with the help of a fork. With the back of the fork, press the pulp and extract juice of the fruits. This juice can be added in the mixture.

Adding the Taro

Add the taro into the broth. Stir it until the entire taro becomes soft. It will take hardly 15 minutes to become soft.

In the same line, if you are using pork ribs, wait until the bones and meat get separated. If you are using pork belly, you can check the tenderness of meat by piercing the fork.

taro roots

Addition of eggplants and radish

eggplant and raddish

Add the eggplants and radish into the soup. Make sure that these two ingredients must be soft enough to go will take 3 to 5 minutes for softening.

Addition of beans and spinach

Add water spinach and beans into the soup. Make sure that beans and spinach must be ready. Now take the fork and piercing the ingredients. At this stage, the entire mixture must be soft and tender.

Addition of beans and spinach

Seasoning of soup

Seasoning of soup

Make sure that the broth has a sour taste. You can add salt, pepper and fish sauce as per requirements. If needed, you can go with the addition of ingredients. Your conventional sinigang na baboy is ready to take in.

Cooking Tips And Tricks

Here are the best tips for cooking the perfect sinigang recipe. Make sure that pork is tender. This will make or break the recipe. Soft and tender pork meat will be refreshing.

Add onion and tomato during the early stages of cooking. This gives a unique texture to the recipe. Some of the people love to keep the tomato intact. If you are one out of these people, make sure that tomato is half cooked. To do this, you can add tomato at the end.

Water spinach should be added at the end of cooking. Fresh leaves are really satisfactory. 

Last but not the least, you can make this recipe without vegetables. You just need water, pork meat and a sourcing agent.

How to serve and Store?

It is challenging to store the soup for a longer period of time. As vegetables and meat may lose its water. Thus, damaging the soup. 

You can use the refrigerator to store the soup for a few days. It is important to note the date and time on the bottle. This thing will make sure that you are not consuming the spoiled soup. 

How to serve and Store sinigang na baboy?

Fridge is used to store for 2 to 4 days. For this, transfer the food to an airtight container and pace it to the fridge. 

Once you want to serve or eat, you have to transfer the soup to a saucepan. Keep the flame low and keep a close eye on it.  Few minutes is enough to revive the soup. It is now ready to serve.

How to Check the Quality of Sinigang na Baboy?

Quality of the sinigang can be tested with the help of its physical appearance. If bubbles start appearing on the soup, it means fermentation has occurred. Thus, it is high time to waste the soup .

Smell is another indicator which can be used to check the quality. If the smell is the same as before; soup is healthy.otherwise avoid it.

Similarly, if the colour of soup  changed, you would avoid using it.

Nutrition and Calories Facts

After consuming the sinigang, one can expect the following calories and nutrients.

Health Benefits 

Sinigang soup offers multiple health benefits. It includes digestion, hydration and muscle growth.all of these properties are due to its diverse ingredients.Following are the health benefits of taking sinigang soup.

Source of vitamins and Protein

Sinigang soup uses vegetables like eggplants, water spinach, beans, tomato, tamarind juice and others. These things make it fit and sound for its consumers. For example, vitamin A and C which are essential for immunity and body growth,can be obtained.

Improves Immune System 

Tamarind fruit or juice is the basic and the most important component of sinigang. It acts as a souring agent which is actually a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C makes the body sound enough to fight against disease. Thus, it improves the immune system.

Antioxidant characteristics

Sinigang has antioxidant properties. It means that after taking in, the human body becomes stress free.

Improves Digestion

It is apparent that broth is made of scores of vegetables. The vegetables help in digestion and improve stomach health. It also helps the body to stay hydrated as it is a liquid based solution.

Muscles Growth and Repair

Pork which is the basic and vital part of the soup. It improves body muscles. Thus muscles get strong.

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

In the Filipino language, it is a stew or  soup. Broth is another term which can be used for sinigang. As the taste of sinigang is sour is another reason for calling it stew.

Yes. It offers a range of health related solutions. For example, digestion, hydration, body repair and increased immunity.

It helps ward off illness. It helps maintain the body temperature during the winter season. Thus, keeps the body warm.


Over all, sinigang na baboy is a broth which is made of multiple components. These components themselves have distinctive taste and texture. There are multiple health related solutions which offer the sinigang. This reason makes it popular and famous for the locals and foreigners. Mang inasal, a popular food chain, serves this recipe to its customers.

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