How to Reheat Pork Sisig? Best Reheating Guide.

Pork sisig is one of the famous recipes of the philippine. Lovers of pork usually face formidable challenges while reheating leftovers. Lack of guidance may lead to loss of sisig crispiness and quality of the meat.

My aunt helped me out to overcome this issue. She took some practical methods of reheating. She used a pan, airfryer and microwave in order to teach me. So, For understanding the secret of reheating, here is the complete lesson for you.

How to Reheat Pork Sisig?

Why am I Writing about Reheating Pork Sisig? Personal Experience

Few Months back, I was on Christmas vacation. I had 5 pounds of sisig. I wanted to reheat it for my employees. I took the meat from the freezer and brought it to room temperature. I took onion , spices and sauces to make it tasty. But, I failed.

Fortunately, my aunt came into the kitchen and helped me out. She guided me how to use airfryer, pan and microwave in order to reheat sisig.

Pan or Skillet Process

Same like pork bbq reheating,Following equipment and ingredients will be used in this method.

  • Pan / Skillet
  • Wooden Spatula
  • Fat or oil (optional)
  • Chopped onion
  • Ginger
  • Minced chilli 
  • Calamansi 
how to reheat pork sisig in pan or skillet?

Step 1: 

Take the frozen pork sisig out of the freezer. Make sure that the room temperature of the sisig. 

Step 2:

 After it, take the pan or skillet and place it on the stove. Maintain the temperature of the stove from low to medium. Transfer the sisig into the pan. Distribute the sisig in the pan evenly.

Step 3:

Stir the sisig gently and add some oil. You can use fats in order to avoid stickiness. However, my aunt avoided using oil or fat. That’s up to you. 

Step 4 :

It usually takes 9 to 10 minutes to cook it. However, the time may be different for different quantities of meat. A cool and pleasant smell will start coming out of the sisig.

Step 5: 

Make sure of the crispiness of the sisig. Shift the meat to the hot plate. Hot plate must be on the stove. Flame of the stove at this particular time should be low. Otherwise, it will over cook the sisig. Thus,losing the taste of the meat.

Step 6: 

At this stage, add some minced onion, finely chopped garlic , chilli and calamansi. This will help increase the taste of the sisig recipe. Reheating process is done.

Step 7:

Transfer the sisig to the sizzling plate. You can taste your crunchy sisig. It will really delight you and your family.

Microwave Method

Reheating the sisig in the microwave is complex and tricky. This is due to the reason that a bit of negligence may damage the entire recipe. One thing in this spirit, make sure that a microwave should be available in your kitchen. Otherwise, you can go with the pan or skillet method , as I explained above.

how to reheat pork sisig in microwave?

Step 1:

First of all, take the microwave safety-plate and transfer the sisig to the plate.  Take the towel or aluminium foil in order to cover the sisig. Foil or towel will keep the moisture of sisig intact. Otherwise, sisig may dry out.

Step 2:

After covering the sisig, transfer the microwave plate to a micro-oven. Microwaving the sisig in the oven will take hard  50 seconds to 1 or half minute. Make sure the sisig is crispy and crunchy. If not, you can microwave for 30 seconds more.

Step 3: 

Take the safety plate out of the oven. Transfer the meat to a hot plate. You can use some ingredients like minced onion, garlic, chilli and calamansi. All of these items will enhance the taste, flavour of the sisig. Adding oil or use of fat is up to you.

Air frying the sisig

Air fryer method is really cool and simple. Air fryers are very economical. As it uses less oil. If you have an air fryer in your kitchen and want to save oil. This guide is for you.

how to airfyer pork sisig?

Step 1 :

Take the sisig and put it in the basket. At this quantity of time, avoid placing the safety bucket into the air fryer.otherwise, undesired outcome will be obvious. Firstly, make sure  that the airfryer has the ideal temperature for preheating.

 It will take  four minutes to get the desired temperature. Preheat the fryer at 400 Fahrenheit which is 190 celsius. Now, it is ready for cooking.

Step 2:

Take the basket of sisig and place it in the fryer. Cook one side of the sisig for ten minutes. Change the side of the meat. Air fry the other side of the meat for another ten minutes. Keep a close eye on the sisig. 

Step 3:

Sisig is ready now. Take the basket out of the air fryer. Onion, finely chopped garlic and other spices can be helpful to increase the taste of the sisig.

How to Serve?

how to serve pork sisig?

Serving the sisig is an art. Here is the method which i love when mang inasal crew serve me their menu to their customers.You can serve the sisig as per you wish. Anyhow, how do I serve the sisig? Here is my suggestion.

  • I serve the sisig on a sizzling plate. It will really make your day. Sizzling plate is made up of metal and can be bought from a nearby store. You can buy it from an online store.
  • Place the sizzling plate on the stovetop and set it low to medium flame. Add cooked sisig into the plate and make it crispy. One can use eggs, onion and other similar items for topping. You can go ahead without these ingredients.
  • You can not limit yourself to enjoying sisig with plain rice. Fried rice can be consumed with it. Someone can enjoy sisig with western dishes like pizza. 

How to store sisig to last for a year?

I will disclose my secret method of preserving the sisig leftovers for a year. One thing is important here, duration of storage depends upon the method of your reheating and cooking. 

  1. Take the cooking oil and add some peppercorn, cloves of garlic and dry chilli.start heating the oil. Once finished, you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Take an air-tight jar and again add peppercorn, dry chilli and coves of garlic to the jar. After adding these ingredients, transfer the sisig to the air tight jar. Adding chilli, pepper corn and cloves over the sisig is instrumental here. 
  3. After this, add the oil to the jar. Keep pouring the oil until its level becomes equal to sisig.  Oil will act as a preserver and keep the sisig safe for maximum time.
  4. Your task is done. Cover the jar with its airtight lid. Enjoy it. 


sisig is a famous Filipino dish. It consists of finely chopped pork, onion. Calamansi, chilli and gloves of garlic are the basic ingredients of sisig.

Traditional sisig does not have mayonnaise. People of the Philippines use chicken liver for making the sisig more creamy. However,  on the other hand, people use mayonnaise to make it creamy.

Pork sisig is the signature and iconic dish of philippines. Its unique flavour has won the hearts and minds of millions of people all around the world. The birthplace of this recipe is in the Pampanga region of Luzon. 

Making of this sisig attracts locals as well as foreigners equally. It is prepared in a simple way as it brings diversity to the taste.

Fridge will store 3 to 5 days. Freezer may be for 30 days. But, an airtight jar may preserve it for six to 1 year.


To summarise, reheating the pork sisig may bring a new life if it is reheated accordingly. There are multiple ways to reheat. I have shared my aunt’s personal methods of reheating the sisig. Moreover, storing and serving the sisig is another great game. This will make your taste delightful and pleasant.

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