How to Reheat Empanadas | 5 Best Ways to Warm Up

Reheating empanadas in the wrong way may lead to loss of flavour, taste and crispiness. Often people overlook the optimal temperature which can cause soggy and dryness of the recipe.  Loss of freshness and change of taste are the other outcomes of improper reheating.

Here are my personal and tested methods to reheat empanada. Monitoring temperature will preserve the taste, savour and freshness of the empanada. Let’s dive into the lesson.

how to reheat Empanadas my personal methods

Basic Information about Empanada

Empanada is the bun or baked roll which is like the shape of the moon. Traditionally, this recipe is inspired from the samosa. Samosa is part of Indian food cuisine. Anyhow, it is filled with tuna fish and seafood. 

Nowadays, trends have changed. It is filled with pork, chicken, beef, cheese and vegetables. Moreover, nuts, desserts  and many sweet items are being used in the filling of empanadas.

Basic Information about Empanada

Historical Fact About Empanada

Historical Fact About Empanada

Galicia, a region in Spain, is considered to be the birthplace of empanada. Spanish traders and conquerors are the instrumental force behind the spread of this recipe.It was then transported to Latin America and philippines . 

As America is the hub of the cultures and civilizations. People belonging from different states of the world adopted this recipe as they settled in the United States of America.

This recipe is now trendy in various parts of the world. The Philippines is one out of them. Empanada is now a hot-selling recipe across the length and breadth of the philippines.

Different Methods to Reheat Empanada

Same Like reheating mang inasal chicken,there are different ways to make empanada taste crispy and crunchy.  Hot and tender may satisfy your taste buds. You can choose one out of any other options to reheat. Here is the complete lesson.

Reheat Empanada in Convection Oven

How to reheat empanada in oven?

Step 1

 Remove empanada from your storage. It may be from the freezer, refrigerator and others.

Step 2

Before placing your empanada, warm up the oven at the temperature of  148 celsius. It is just equal to 300 Fahrenheit temperature.

Step 3

Evenly, place the empanada on an oven plate.  Here is the tip. Distribute the empanada on a safety plate is crucial for this recipe

Step 4

Switch on the oven to warm it up. It normally takes 10 to 15 minutes to finish. Time duration depends upon the size.


Some chefs recommend wrapping up the empanada in aluminium foil. I tested this way. By doing so, I lose the crispiness of the recipe.

In the Toaster Oven

If you want a simple but sound way of reheating emapanada,as like reheating pork bbq, toaster over is the potential solution. Toaster oven is the perfect appliance to do with it. It is used to reheat small batches of meal. Toaster oven may help you out.

how to reheat emapanada in toaster oven?


It is pertinent to note down the oven warm up before using it. The Optimum temperature is 148 centigrade.


Frozen empanada is ready to reheat in the toaster oven. Just place it in the toaster oven.


This will take hardly a small duration of time which may be 5 to 7 minutes.


I recommend you use a toaster oven when filling the empanada with pork, beef or vegetables. Don’t use a toaster oven if its filling is of tuna or seafood.


After 5 to 7 minutes, the recipe is fully ready to serve.

Skillet, Pan or Deep Fryer Method

This method is ideal when you don’t own an oven, air fryer and microwave. It is the most economical method to use.

how to reheat emapanada in pan?
  • Add a small amount of cooking oil into the pan and warm it up. 
  • Now , add the frozen empanada into the deep fryer or skillet.
  • Make sure that fire must be low to medium. Otherwise, high temperature may cause loss of taste and flavour.
  • Keep monitoring . change the sides of the empanada with the help of cling. Repeat this method until the colour of the empanada becomes golden brown.

Air fryer

Air fryer is used when you have less time. It can be used when you are in a hurry. It will make the meal crisper but not like the oven.

how to reheat emapanada in airfryer?
  • It is worthwhile to heat up the air fryer up to 300 fahrenheit before adding the frozen empanada. 
  • Use of some oil to brush the empanada is key. It will make the meal more ideal to eat. You can skip this step, if there is oil in the recipe.
  • It will take hardly four to 5 minutes to cook the frozen recipe. Here is the tip: time may vary, it totally depends upon the size of the meal. 


how to reheat emapanada in microwave?
  • Get the microwave safe plate and arrange the empanada in such a way that it should not overlap.
  • Set the microwave for thirty seconds before using it.
  • Place the safety plate into the microwave and start microwaving it. Keep a close eye while microwaving it.  Check out . if it is not cooked, go for another 30 seconds.


 Microwave is only used when you have no alternative. It may cause soggy and drying out the meal.

Grilling Method

This method requires expertise and experience. 

how to reheat emapanada in grill?
  • Take the griller and heat it up so that optimal temperature is reached.
  • Arrange the empanada side by side on the griller. 
  • Start heating the grill. Keep the sides of the meal flipping in order to avoid drying. Gill it for a few minutes.
  • You can brush the meal with the help of oil. This spraying agent will make the recipe more ideal to taste.

Best Way to Store Empanada

Following method can be adopted for storing the empanada.

If you have the intention to store it in the fridge, follow these directions. Take the paper towel and wrap it. Take the air tight plastic bag. Remove the air from it. Place the empanada and store it in the fridge.

Freezer is used to store the empanada for a longer period of time. It is a helpful way to store the empanada for 3 months.

Take the aluminium foil and cover the meal. Place it in an airtight is ready to store in the freezer.

How to Freeze Unbaked Empanada?

Take the baking sheet and place uncooked empanada on the sheet. Arrange the meal in such a way that it should not override each other. Otherwise, it will create a mess when it is baked.

Place your meal in the fridge for a shorter period of time while the freezer can be helpful for a longer period of time.

How to Freeze Cooked Empanadas?

Cooked empanadas can be frozen. You have to take the plastic sheet and cover it. As per requirement and need, one can reheat the empanadas.

How to Reheat Homemade Frozen Empanada?

OVEN is the instrumental tool to keep the taste, texture and quality of homemade empanada safe. It hardly takes 4 to 5 minutes in order to get the desired taste. Apart from this, minimum time is needed to reheat empanada in the is pertinent to note that time duration depends upon the size and quantity of meal.

Why You Should Not Thaw Empanadas?

Why You Should Not Thaw Empanadas?

There is excessive water in the empanadas. Thawing process will make the water out of empanadas. Thus, it will moisturise the meal more than needed. Resultantly, the meal will lose its basic characteristics like taste, colour and smell.

How to Know Whether or Not Empanadas Reheated Correctly?

Proper reheating of empanadas is crucial. Temperature plays a key role in this process. For the reheating process, one should make sure that the optimal temperature is 165 fahrenheit. In order to check whether or not empanadas are warmed up properly, you can use a thermometer. 


It can store up to 60 to 90 days. Beyond this, the quality of the meal will be compromised.

As per the expert opinion, 4 celsius to 60 celsius is the safe temperature. Avoid heating meals in the danger zone.

Rice, coffee, mango salad and crispy chicken are the best pairs for eating the empanada.

Wet filling may lead to soggy avoid this, one can use filling which has not been moisturised.

YES. one can consume cold cooked empanadas. But the real taste is in the hot, fresh and tender empanadas.


In Sum empanada, which was origniated from galicia spain, is a popular recipe of philippines food cuisine. There are different kitchen appliances which are usesd to reheat empanada. It depends upon the availability of kitchen tools. However, the oven is the best in this line. Above discussed methods can be used for freezing and storing the uncooked and cooked empanada. I have positive thoughts that you have enjoyed the lesson. If so, share it with empanada lovers.

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