10 Best practices of Mang Inasal 

Mang inasal has distinct recognition in the world. Its branches are growing day by day.What are the rituals, morals, ethics and established ways which make it stand out in the market. 

Signature dishes namely mang inasal chicken, mang inasal menu and afforadable prices are worth remarking. Mang inasal cares for its customers and employees equally. It gives full opportunities to the investors to purchase franchises. Moreover, best delivery modes and rapid services are the best practices of mang inasal.   

Best practices of Mang Inasal

Winning Policies of Mang Inasal

Mang inasal is now an established fact. Brand is rapidly becoming popular amongst locals and foreigners alike. This is due to hygiene and cleanliness, maintaining taste and texture and many others. Following are the protocols used by the mang inasal to achieve  this.

Unmatchable business standards

Unmatchable business standards of mang inasal

Mang inasal is known for its cleanliness , hygiene and others. This is what the Filipino people love.no matter what your race, colour and creed, you will experience equal treatment. This is the reason why people love the dine in, take out and delivery of the mang inasal. It is worthwhile to quote here that mang inasal never compromise on the quality of food.

Lesson for business entrepreneurs 

There are many talented people who can get the business ideas from the mang inasal. How a university dropout Edgar Injap Sia II started a single store and became a millionaire. It is high time for business minded people to unearth the strategies and business ethics to become successful.

 I personally highlight the fact that, any one who wants to start his/her career, must read the profile of edgar injap sia.Thus, it is a ray of hope for young blood.

Lesson for business entrepreneurs

Unparalleled Quality Food

best food quality of mang inasal

Mang inasal always focuses on the quality. As I mentioned before, it never compromises the freshness of the food. This is the reason why mang inasal is the first choice of filippino people and foreigners.

 It is important to mention that mang inasal uses local suppliers for pork, rice,chicken and spices. The core reason behind this is to maintain the quality of mang inasal.

Franchise Opportunities for investors

Mang inasal allows the investors to invest their capitals for purchasing the mang inasal franchise. It is an obvious fact that investors are looking for a friendly business environment which mang inasa provides at friendly terms and conditions.

Mang inasal is contributive in this line. It allows the investors to purchase mang inasal franchises. As this brand is growing in the middle east, north america and others. Thus, proving instrumental for the investors of not only locals but also foreigners.

Franchise Opportunities for investors of mang inasal

Quick services

Mang inasal serving the customers at a bottleneck pace. I have personally experienced that operational qualities at the kitchen and table are effective. Waiters of mang inasal are always working hard irrespective of workload and long working hours. This makes the dine in , take away and delivery very appealing.

Quick services of mang inasal

Perfect menu

mang inasal menu

Menu of mang inasal is top rated. The aim of mang inasal is to provide the traditional menu of the Philippines to its customers. This is very appealing for customers, kitchen crew and others. People are more interested in tasting the secret recipe of mang inasal chicken. Pork bbq, desserts and soup (mang inasal oil) are creating long lasting footprints amongst the people.

Customer satisfaction

Customers are the integral part of every business. Mang inasal is no more unique. As it targets the middle class, thus, their satisfaction is mang’s first choice. I spent my summer vacation enjoying the mang inasal dishes and recipes regularly.

Management of mang inasal brings every resource to keep the customers satisfied. This is one out of many best practices of mang inasal which makes it successful.

mang inasal customer

Training Professional employees

mang inasal employee

Mang inasal provides quality training to its customers. Mang inasal training paves the way in producing unmatchable staff. One can notice how the employees are working despite the long working hours. Moreover,this quality training allows the mang inasal to grow at the bottleneck pace. This fact allows us to keep watch on the quality services which mang inasal offers.

Other Best Practices of Mang Inasal

Mang inasal secret recipes

Mang inasal offers signature recipes namely mang inasal chicken, unlimited rice, pork bbq, pork sisig and many more. Experiences the mang inasal dishes make their day. Mang inasal lovers are always in a hurry to taste the grilled chicken and halo halo dessert. It is pertinent to mention that mang inasal uses local but pure spices to cook these recipes.this cause allows the people especially foreigners to taste the classical dishes.

Friendly Environment

Mang inasal offers a simple and appealing environment to its customers. This gives the customers a feeling of home. Dining tables are neat and clean. Platters are very simple and refreshing. This cosy environment is always liked by the foodies.


Filipino dishes, affordable prices and secret dishes like mang inasal chicken make it popular in the country.

People love mang inasal as it offers unlimited rice,soups, mang inasal oil and others at affordable prices. The targeted customers of mang inasal are middle class. No other brands like mcdonald, kfc and burger king offer this type of menu.

Chicken inasal which is marinated with a special kind of spices is the hot selling and signature recipe of mang inasal. The art of making chicken inasal stands out all the way.


Best practices of mang inasal are offering secret recipes like grilled chicken at low and competitive prices. Friendly staff and sitting environment leave long lasting impressions.besides, mang inasal offers equal opportunities for investors to invest in franchises coupled with a business lesson to follow. Quality food, professional staff and improved menu coupled with Edgar Sia III wining policies are the best which is making mang inasal so successful.

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