How to Order Mang Inasal Online Delivery (Complete Guide)?

Some Mang Inasal Lovers are missing signature dishes for not having knowledge to place orders via online. People are not aware of how to use the mang inasal app. This fact is hurting their taste and savoury. 

I will guide you how to order Mang Inasal Online. This tutorial will be helpful for overcoming the issue of ordering mang inasal online. Stay Tune  for step by step process.

How to Order Mang Inasal Online via Playstore?

Mang Inasal (famous for grilled Chicken ) allows you to get its popular dishes at your doorstep via order mang inasal online delivery.Let’s follow the easy steps to order traditional recipes.

Installing Mang Inasal App

  • Go to google play store and type mang inasal philippines.  You Will see Mang Inasal App.
  • Press on the mang inasal App And Press the install button. 
  • App will start downloading. Now wait for a while until the download completes.
how to install mang inasal app?

Device location

  • A new screen will appear. Mang Inasal app wants to access your mobile or device exact location. 
  • Three options which WHILE Using this App,Only This Time,Don’t Allow.
  • Click on [while using this app].
device location access of mang inasal

It is important to mention you can only place orders via delivery app during the operating hours.

Registration/ Login & Email


  • There are three burger bars at the top left side of the screen. Click on burger bars and a new window will appear.
  • Click on the login/register option which is the first one.


  • Enter your valid email address. Make sure that you have added the right email in order to avoid inconvinence.
  • Click on the login/Register after placing the right email.

Personal Details

Steric(*) symbol represents that this field is necessary and compulsory. Missing any of the compulsory fields will not allow you to proceed further.

entering personal address in mang inasal app
  • Add your personal details carefully. Adding wrong details may lead to the cancellation of order.
  • Insert your First Name and Last Name.
  • Enter your Mobile Phone Number.
  • Just below the mobile number option, your email will appear which you added previously. For security reasons I just blurred the email box.
  • Click on [Get OPT], A 30 second timer will start. After 30 seconds you will get the OPT code on your email address.
  • Go to your email address and open it. Copy  An OPT code which is a one time password.
  • Copy the code and add it in the section of [verification].
  • Confirst password and reenter your password.
  • Click on the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • Click on the confirm button.
  • New screen will appear that shows that Your Account has been created Successfully.

Adding delivery Address

It is the time to choose the savoury options, meal combinations from the mang inasal menu items. So here is the guide

  • Click on the order tab.
  • A new screen will appear. At the top, there is the option of [Select Mode and store].
  • A new screen will appear asking to enter your full address.
  • Pin your address on the map.
  • A new screen will appear; asking for address details.
  • Add your Province and municipality.
  • Enter your house/apartment or floor number.
  • Select street number, street name, village name and building.
  • Click on the confirm button.

Location & Time

  • A new screen will appear that asks for your location. Click on the delivery button.
  • Select your delivery time which you wish to receive your parcel. 
  • Choose your time and click the continue button.
entering location and time in mang inasal app

I blurred the options for personal reasons. Sorry for this.

Selecting Food Items

It is the time to choose the tasty delights and mouth watering food items. So there are various cuisines to eat.

selecting mang inasal food items
  • I chose chicken inasal Paa and Pork BBQ buddy Fiesta. You can choose as per your taste and flavor.
  • After clicking the food item a new screen will appear which will ask for chicken oil, drinks java rice, extra rice and others.
  • Click on the Add to Cart BUTTON.
  • Click on the view cart.
  •  You can edit your order by clicking the edit button.
  • If you want to cancel an order you can simply click on remove. All of the items added to cart will be removed.

Check Out

Click on the checkout button. A new screen will appear that shows details. It includes

  • Deliver to
  • Notes for rider
  • Expected time to deliver your parcel.
  • At this particular window, you can add cutlery if you wish. 

If you are a disabled person or senior citizen, you can get the discount by clicking the SC/PWD discount.

  • Click on the SC/PWD option and enter your details. These details are the name of the senior person and id card number.

Payment Method & Placing The order


There are three payment modes which you can use for paying money for your order. There are

  • Pay by Cash
  • Paymaya credit card/debit card
  • Gcash

Your grand total will be generated by the end of the same screen. 

  • Choose the payment method and pay your dues. Again enter your cell number and details.


Place your order by clicking the order button.

  • A new screen will appear that shows that you have successfully placed your order.
  • You can get your order details on your email address.

 Enjoy your mang inasal popular dishes and dine in while sitting at your comfort zone.This is how you can place order mang inasal online .

How to Place an Order in a Food Panda?

Some of the mang inasal feel comfortable while ordering popular dishes by using the food panda app. Here is the complete guide which will help in order place order.

Downloading FoodPanda App

  • Download the food panda app from google play store and get it installed. 
  • Get your location entered or allow the app to access your current location.
how to download foodpanda app

Account Creation

  • Click on the three bars(burger app) which are present top left of your app. 
  • Click on Login/Create account.
  • For account creation, you can go with the sign up option or simply continue with facebook, google or email.
  • Enter your email, first name and password. Click on the continue button.
  • Enter your valid phone number.
  • FoodPanda will send a code to your mobile. Just copy the code and place it on the verification box. If you do not receive the code, click the button with send again code.
account creation on foodpanda

Choosing Restaurant

Choose your favourite restaurant. In this case i will go with mang inasal. I simply search mang inasal. Mang inasal popular dishes and recipes will start appearing.


Select the food items and add them to the cart. Update your pick-up time. This is the time on which you want to receive your parcel at your doorstep. This is actually an expected time.


Mang inasal offers e gifts, e certificates and e vouchers. These vouchers are used for discounts. well , if you have vouchers, click on use voucher.


After adding the favourite items you have to check your food items and address.


After paying the order payment, click to place the order. Your order has been placed and you can get it soon. That’s it. enjoy mang inasal special recipes and dishes.

How to Call mang Inasal Delivery?

You can call mang inasal for pick up delivery. For this, you have to call on  #7-3333. You have to check the availability of your favourite food items of mang inasal.

Moreover, you can place your order via mang inasal app, grabfood and food panda.


Mr Barbecue is the true meaning of Mang inasal Hiligaynon language of central philippines.

Overcrowding and limited space are the leading cause of mang inasal. More and more people have been suffering from this issue. It is worth remarking here that Mang inasal has caught people’s taste, savoury and delighted taste with its famous chicken inasal.

Mang inasal has been dealing in the following product lines. It offers famous mang inasal chicken, palabok, creamy halo halo dessert and pork bbq.


To summarise, you have got the complete knowledge on how to order mang inasal online via mang inasal app and foodpanda app. This guide is enough if you follow it step by step.You can call for pick-up delivery. However, ensure the correct name and password while placing the order in order to avoid any difficulties and inconvenience. 

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