Why Jollibee Group Wants More Multi Brand Food Courts in City Mall?

On 31 July 2024, Jollibee introduced its single shared kitchen for its loyal and potential customers. This action of Jollibee drives unexpected traffic to the Jollibee owned Brands Like Mang Inasal, Chowking, Jollibee and Greenwich. Now Jollibee Group wants to expand the multi brand food courts across the Philippines at the bottleneck pace.

Jollibee CEO Tony Tan Caktiong and the CEO of Double Dragon Injap Edgar Sia announced that they are going to launch multi brand food courts across the philippines. Furthermore , Injap Edgar Sia unveiled its long term planning of opening food courts in the city malls of Luzon,Mindanao and Visayas city malls.

Why Jollibee Opens its Multi Brand Food Courts?

Jollibee Group wanted to beef up its customer base. There is a concept of First Mover Advantage(FMA) in the fast food industry. If Jollibee Group fails to do so, there are scores of other brands which have the capacity to overtake the Jollibee Group.

Multi Brand Food Courts

There is a hope that Jollibee took the idea from Liu’s Figaro Coffee Group. Figaro Coffee Group of Liu and Coffee Bean and Tea Leave of Jollibee Group are competitors. Thus, Jollibee may take this step of opening multi brand  food courts in the city malls in order to quell the pressure of Liu’s Figaro Coffee Group.

Moreover, Jollibee Group is owned by visionary persons like Edgar Sia, who is famous for its entrepreneurship and innovative ideas. He sold his Mang Inasal to the Jollibee Group in 2016. This move of Edgar Sia made him the youngest billionaire of the philippines.

Last but not the least, you can conclude that the idea of multi brand and concept of mix and match of favourite dishes might have originated from the mind of Edgar Sia. He is known for his visionary ideas.

What is the Mix and Match Single Kitchen of Jollibee Group?

Mix and match means that Jollibee decided to bring its top notch fast food brands namely Chowking, Greenwich, Mang Inasal and Jollibee under a single roof. 

Customers can get their favourite dishes from the brands under a single roof by paying the cash on a single counter. It means that clients of Jollibee can enjoy the meal of its popular brands as they start sharing the kitchen.

Mix And Match Your Favourite

Jollibee Group is taking the mix and match concept very seriously. Besides, it drives the maximum customer base to the city mall. It is worthy to remark here that Jollibee group introduced its first food court in the city mall of Calamba in Laguna city on 31 May,2024.

From Where Jollibee Group Gets Inspiration of Food Courts?

It has been the word of mouth that Jollibee Group has taken this idea of opening multiple food courts from magnate Justin Liu business.   Justin Liu’s business is related to selling coffee. 

Liu is the first in the Philippines which sells different dishes of multiple brands under a single roof.

Jollibee started seeing it as a potential threat for its fast food business.As Jollibee sells coffees in the philippines. It is important to quote here that Jollibee Group Acquired the top coffee brand in 2021. The name of the brand is Coffee Bean and Tea Leave(CBTL). There are 1172 stores of Coffee Bean and Tea Leave worldwide as of data available.

Jollibee Group Food Courts Inspiration

What is  Liu’s Figaro Coffee Group Inc?

Liu’s Figaro Coffee Group Inc is associated with selling coffees to its customers. It is the first ever brand in the Philippines which started selling dishes of multiple brands under the single roof.

Figaro Coffee Group was established on 6 July,2018. It is owned by Carmetheus Holdings Inc. the Carmetheus Holdings has been into the business of packaging all kinds of food products. It processes different types of food, manufactures food and many others.

Moreover, Caretheous Holdings Inc has been involved in the business of investment, maintenance of parlours, coffee shops and fast food restaurants.

Figaro Coffee Group is a coffee shop which incorporates multiple local and international businesses. For example Figaro Coffee Group sells the products and dishes. 

Figaro Coffee Group Inc

By the same token, Figaro Coffee Group (FCG)  is associated with angel’s pizza, Tien Ma’s, a famous and popular Taiwanese cultural Cuisine  and Cafe Portofino, a famous brand which sells beverages and drinks.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Cametheus Holdings has the future plan to dominate the maintenance industry of the philippines.  Cametheus has shown its interest in hospitals, schools and offices for investment and maintenance.   

What is the Store Information of Figaro Coffee Group Inc?

Figaro Coffee Group Inc has the following numbers of brands which it is associated with

Figaro Coffee Shops55
Angel’s Pizza Shops35
Tien Ma’s Outlet5
Cafe Portofino1

What is the Contact Information of Figaro Coffee Group?

Here are the contact details of Figaro Coffee Group. You can reach out to the Figaro Coffee Group by the following means.

Business Address of Figaro Coffee GroupE. Main Avenue, Phase V, SEZ Laguna Technopark, Biñan, Laguna
Email Address of Figaro Coffee Group[email protected]
Telephone Number of  Figaro Coffee Group+632 8812 1718
Website address of Figaro Coffee Grouphttps://www.figaro.ph/


To sum up, Jollibee Group has been on the royal track to expand its multi brand food courts. It successfully launched its first mix and match store in  the city mall of Calamba in Laguna City. Moreover, Edgar Sia and Tony Tan Caktiong want to expand their idea of selling the meals and dishes of multiple brands across the nation.  

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