Mix and Match Jollibee Group Introduces Concept of Single Kitchen

Good News, Jollibee Group(JFC) introduces the first mix and match  multi-fast food brand under single roof on Friday 31 july, 2024. This major development comes in Edgar Sia II citymall in Calamba City, Laguna. 

By now, parents,customers and consumers can get Halo Halo dessert of Chowking, mang inasal chicken, chickenjoy of jollibee,pizza of Greenwich for themselves and their children.

You don’t need to visit every single store and stand in a queue for payment and order. All of the brands namely jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking, and Greenwich items can be taken under a single roof.  As all of the stores now share the single kitchen and pay for their order on a single counter.

Mix and Match Jollibee

Edgar SIA and Tony Tan Caktiong on Mix and Match

On the occasion of opening of store, Double Dragon chairman and co chairman, tycoon Injab Edgar Sia II and Toby Tan Caktiong released a press release saying that We have made it possible by combining all of our potential brands with a single kitchen. 

This mix n match  gives value and respect to the customers, parents,toddler,teenegers and  fans of Jollibee Foods Corporation.

Moreover, Edgar Sia said at the Jollibee mix n match store inauguration , that this innovative concept will increase the sales growth, bring more business,improve market environment,performance and sales. 

Besides, he said that this type of mix n match kitchen format will be copied all over the Double Dragon city mall and provincial community centres  all over the Philippines.

Edgar SIA maintained that this amazing idea will save lives and thus reduce the business issues and issues related to capital investments.

It is worthy to remark here that  many of the city malls including CityMall Food Court Bocaue, CityMall Bacalso in Cebu city pampanga, citymall Arayat and CityMall Northtown Davao are  already offering mix n match . 

Edgar Sia discloses that Double Dragon Group is going to build the 3rd largest citymall in the philippines. SM city mall prime and  Gokongwei Group of Robinsons Malls are on the number 1 and number 2 respectively. 

citymall of Double Dragon

By the end of year, 2024  almost every city mall will have the mix n match kitchen option for its customers and lovers.

Shin, Jollibee Chief Financial Officer Remarks

Following the mix and match store opening, Jollibee chief financial officer Shin says that value and price are the important things which Jollibee offers its customers.

What is the Story of Edgar Sia and the Jollibee Group?

In 2010, the Jollibee Foods Corp successfully acquired 70% the potential business of Edgar Sia i.e mang inasal of P3 billion. The remaining 30% of the business was acquired by Tony Tan Caktiong in 2016. 

Mix & Match Jollibee and Double Dragon

Later on, Tony Tan Cakiong and Edgar Sia started a joint venture of SM malls. They started doing business in real estate by establishing a giant company firm Double Dragon in 2012. This firm is producing priceless economic benefits .

Current Economic Wealth of JFC

Jollibee economic wealth is increasing day and night. Its net income increased 13.7% while sales increased by 10 percent. 

Domestic sales of jollibee are struck at 60%. However, the global sales of Jollibee have increased by 40 percent.

Shin, the chief Financial officer, says on the sale of JFC that although the jollibee brand is suffering in China due to a softer market. However, Joliibee is going to bring more and more brands to China in order to get First Mover Advantage.

It is important to note that Jollibee group has 6885 stores which are operating globally.

Story of Mix n Match

Almost 2 years back, Jollibee Foods Corp unveiled this concept of mix n match on its twitter account. It says that Jollibee Group is going to introduce a blend of all stores like Chowking, Mang inasal, Jollibee and Greenwich.

Mix and Match Jollibee 2 years old


To summarise, Jollibee has introduced the mix and match concept by blending its brands. It includes Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking and Greenwich. These ventures are the volumes of the relationship of Edgar Sia and Tony Tan Caktiong. This concept of bleeding brings more sales, growth and prosperity of the Jollibee Foods Corporation. Besides, It gives value to the customers for having foods and dishes  of different brands in a single roof. 

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