Mang Inasal Uniform -Service crew & Manager

Mang inasal Uniform,which famous for its grilled-chicken, is unique, attractive and glamorous.  Mang inasal has different uniforms for service crew and managers. It depends upon the role of the employee at mang inasal.

Mang inasal uniforms of service crew members are of green colour. However, the Mang inasal manager uniform is of dark blue colour. Precisely speaking, polo shirts without sleeves, black shoes coupled with logo on the cap are the basic dress code of employees of mang inasal. 

mang inasal uniform

Mang Inasal Uniform for Male Staff

Mang inasal provides the best dress code for male staff. The dress is designed in a special way so as to provide comfort while working. Moreover, the male service crew members remain calm and productive during the working hours.

Here is the detail of uniform of mang inasal which is for male staff.Like every other food brand, Mang inasal makes aware of its fast food business via dress,uniform, food culture, code and conduct. This paves the way for cusomers to choose mang inasal as their first choice.

mang inasal uniform of crew member


Polo shirts are usually provided to the male staff members. The colour of the shirt is green and has a proper logo. Shirt is half sleeves. The reason behind keeping the shirt simple, comfortable and easy to wear is to avoid any inconvenience during working hours.


Black pants or trousers are usually worn by the service crew and managers. Pants are easy to weary, well designed and full of comfort. Again the making of pants are done while keeping the working of staff.

Mang Inasal Uniform for Male Staff


Black footwears are used with polo shirts and black pants. Keeping the role of service crew in mind, mang inasal uses each and every thing for its employees. Thus, mang inasal knew that service staff had to work for  long hours. So, shoes are a bed of roses.

Kitchen Crew

Kitchen staff of mang inasal uses an apron of black colour. This apron too has a mang inasal logo. Why do cooking members wear an apron? As they perform creative tasks of cooking. Cooking waste, dust and dirt may lead to disturbing the inner dresses .  Apron help avoid these things.

mang inasal kitchen crew uniform

Uniform for Female Staff

Mang inasal provides similar opportunities for its female staff. There is no discrimination at the workplaces of mang inasal.

mang inasal female while taking order

Female Blouse or Shirt

Just like male service crew dress code, female t-shirts are designed while keeping in mind the feminine touch. Feminine touch suits and appeasing the  female staff. Apart from this fact, t-shirts also contain mang inasal logos depicting the brand.

Skirt or Pant

It is the personal choice of the mang inasal to wear a skirt or pant. Mang inasal allows its female staff to go with their personal taste.Consequently, some of the females love to wear black pants and some are black skirts. However, the colour of the skirt is black.

mang inasal female uniform

Female Footwear

Female wears close black footwear as male staff members wear. Like male members, female shoes are easy to wear, relief giving and satisfying.

Female Kitchen Crew Staff

Black apron , as like as male kitchen staff , is used by the female chefs. Apron is featured with the mang inasal logo which depicts the brand. 


The cost of uniforms may vary. Usually the cost of  mang inasal crew uniforms for kids range ₱550-₱750.

No. mang inasal provides sets of uniforms for its employees.

No. Uniforms are only available for staff and service crews.


To conclude, uniform of Mang Inasal is attractive, contributive and easy to wear. The uniforms are designed by keeping in mind the working hours of the service crew.  Shirts without sleeves, black trousers for male, skirts for female coupled black footwears are the basic uniforms of mang inasal employees. Besides this, a special black colour apron is used in the cooking areas. 

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