Why is Mang Inasal Successful? Top 9 Reasons

Mang inasal sets the example for young blood by becoming successful in the fast food industry. There are scores of factors which are making Mang Inasal successful. What makes it so money making is the mystery?

Entrepreneurial vision of Edgar sia,best business strategies and tactics,customer loyalty and satisfaction, innovative menu offering and quality food delivery are the contributive factors of making mang inasal.Besides, franchise model, market need and international growth are making difference.

why mang inasal successful?

What Makes Mang Inasal Successful?

There are multiple reasons which make the mang inasal top desination of the people. It includes the entrepreneurship and vision of Edgar Sia, top notch quality of food and taste and tradtional recipes . Recipes are mang inasal chicken, halo halo dessert, ungli rice and others.

By the same token, competitive prices, mouth watering mang inasal menu,community engagement and quick service delivery are making it popular and successful.

Here are the details of the fact that are making mang inasal unique, lucrative and youthful.

Edgar Sia Vision

Edgar Sia made mang inasal top notch fast food brand by his untiring and untoward efforts. He spent days and nights trying to make his dream come true. For brand recognition he brought chicken inasal in a traditional serving. 

As edgar sia has the characteristics of reading minds and hearts of customers, this makes a broader difference in making the mang inasal lucrative and strong. In short, the success of mang inasal is the brainchild of Edgar sia vision, farsightedness and consistency.

Edgar Sia Vision

Mang Inasal Chicken

Mang Inasal chicken recipe

Chicken inasal is an iconic and signature dish of the mang inasal. This dish has become the brand recognition of mang inasal. Locals as well as foreigners are crazy to taste this dish. Truly speaking, I personally observed that out of many success factors, Mang inasal chicken recipe is one of them.

This recipe is central to the Filipino food culture. This is the traditional recipe as it originated from Bacolod city of philippines. All in all, this made the mang inasal a Mr. Barbeque. 

Edgar Sia took this recipe, made its branding and served the people. Thus, it paved the way to make the customers loyal.

Unlimited Rice

Unlimited rice is also adding into the success of the mang inasal. Unlimited rice allows the common masses to be bellyful. unlimited rice brought huge respect from the market. This was the unique concept which lay down the foundation of mang inasal.

Even the giants of the fast food industry like KFC, Burger Kings and Mcdonald  failed to tackle this business strategy of the mang inasal.

unli rice of mang inasal

Affordable Price

affordable prices of mang inasal

Mang inasal is very competitive in terms of pricing. As it focuses on the middle class, therefore the prices of mang inasal popular dishes are economical and budget friendly. I have seen the families, students and office workers are the regular customers.So economical prices are making the mang inasal successful.

In my case, whenever I have a low budget and I am hungry, I prefer to go mang inasal in order to fulfil my appetite. If you want to get the latest mang inasal prices , click here.

Local Taste

Mang Inasal offers local and traditional tastes to its customers. Besides, it never compromises the food quality standards. For example, it serves the mang inasal and unlimited rice on banana leaves. This shows the mang inasal commitment and loyalty.

By the same token, mang inasal offers chicken oil, special halo halo dessert and its famous mang inasal soup.All of these recipes of mang inasal are the blend of filipino tradition. All in all, it paves the way for innovative menus and community engagement that makes it successful.

mang inasal traditional and local taste

Franchise Model

Mang inasal franchise model

Mang inasal allows the investers to get the mang inasal franchise. This franchise model contributes to mang inasal market positioning,brand differentiation and customer satisfaction.

Mang inasal offers full support to its franchisee and investors from site building to employee hiring to employee training.  Therefore, this is the reason that 90% of mang inasal stores are franchised. One can say that mang inasal is business and investor friendly.

Mang Inasal growth and unparallel expansion

Mang inasal is growing day and night. There are many reasons behind this success of mang inasal. Out of these, one is its  growth and expansion. There are 591 branches of mang inasal which operate across the length and breadth of the philippines.

Moreover, mang inasal has remained unbeaten while establishing its footprints in UAE, USA, KSA, Canada,Australia and others. All of this happens due to careful marketing tactics,expansion strategies and operational excellence.

Mang Inasal Growth and success

Community engagement

Mang Inasal Community Engagement

Mang Inasal has been actively involved with the community in order to help them at times of suffering. I have seen the Mang inasal teams which are actively participating in the relief camps. 

Moreover, it is the vision of Edgar Sia to alleviate poverty from society by providing food.This proves to be instrumental for market penetration, consumer behaviour and market demand.This is another reason which makes the mang inasal successful.

Quick Service

Quick service is another factor which is making mang inasal successful,rewarding and fruitful. I have seen that the crew members are very adept in their jobs. They serve the customers at the lighting speed. 

Kitchen staff are working at the bottleneck pace in order to prepare the dishes and recipes.

This shows the commitment and loyalty of the crew members towards the mang inasal. Thus, they are helping the restaurant to make it fortunate and bestselling.

Last time was at the mang inasal. I ordered chicken inasal, pork sisig and unli rice. It hardly took 5 minutes to serve me. One can gauge it from this story.

quick service of mang inasal


Mang inasal is close to the heart of Filipino people. As it offers one of the best menu packages, traditional taste of chicken, chicken oil and unli rice. This is how mang inasal is serving the community and making a difference despite the untoward competition.

Community engagement, loyalty towards customers, economical prices and the top notch branding are the solid areas of mang inasal.

Marketing startegy is the heart of mang inasal. Since 2022, it has been involved actively by engaging its customers on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and youtube.Besides, tv, social media and other medium of communication are used for promotion.


Mang Inasal is successful due to its marketing strategy, quick service, affordable price and craving menu. Moreover, Edgar’s commitment is central in  this case. Unique concepts of cooking and serving are helping in this line. Moreover, Franchising model and supporting the investors and business analysts are making mang inasal successful and lucrative.

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