Mang Inasal or Jollibee,What’s better?

Mang Inasal or Jollibee are the leading fast food chains which offer different types of menu,dishes,taste, dining options and delivery Methods.It has attracted the interest of the entire philippines.However, people want to know where they should go?

Well, choosing one out of both restaurant chains depends upon your taste, flavours, favourites, mood, preferences and liking.So, here I am sharing my complete experience with you. Stay tuned still last.

Mang Inasal Or Jollibee, which one to choose?

Personal Experience

Yesterday,I went to the Iloilo branch of  mang inasal in order to fulfil my appetite.I looked at the mouth watering youthful menu on the display screen.

 When I decided to place an order, I gave my credit card to the crew member. Cash counter(ATM Machine) was out of work. Well, I put my hand into my pocket and paid for the order.

What did I order? Mang inasal pecho, unli rice and gulaman drink.I sat on the table. Crew staff poured mang inasal soup into the soup bowl and forwarded it to me. It was completely free. Taste was really amazing.

After 5 minutes of placing my order, I was served. There was a piece of  pecho, rice, drink, calamansi( lemon),soya sauce,mang inasal oil, 1 spoon, 1 fork and chilli.

Before this, I visited the jollibee brand for tasting its menu.

MY personal experience at mang inasal

Mang Inasal or Jollibee: Diversity and Contrast


Jollibee Food Menu

Jollibee Menu

Jollibee is more inclined towards western style restaurant which offers special yumburger, famous jolly spaghetti, fried chicken which is known as chickenjoy and other desserts and drinks.

Friendly dining experience is another  leading feature of the Jollibee brand. It is worth remarking that jollibee targets customers who are the fans and lovers of western style recipes and dishes. 

 So, one can gauge from the fact that the food culture and cuisine of the Jollibee is more inclined towards western food and meals.

Mang Inasal Menu

The menu of Mang inasal classical one. You can see that the crowd of people at mang inasal store is those who love traditional recipes.

Chicken inasal,also known as chicken barbeque,  which is prepared with the help of special spices. It offers other traditional recipes like bangus sisig, pork bbq, eggplant salad, java rice and halo  halo. This has attracted the attention and interest of the nation.

The cooking environment of mang inasal looks homemade. Open air cooking is making a difference. By this, you can find where to go? Mang inasal or jollibee.

Historically speaking,Mang inasal is also a fast food restaurant which was owned by Edgar Sia who is the CEO of injap Investment.

In 2016, this restaurant was completely taken over by the JFC(Jollibee Foods Corporation).

Mang Inasal latest Menu


Comparing prices of mang inasal and jollibee is like analysing apples with oranges. Well , every store has its own price list. Anyhow, I am sharing a table here of some of the recipes of both mang inasal and jollibee. It will be really helpful.

According to my personal experience, mang inasal is more economical, affordable and offers its menu at much lower prices. Here are the price tables of mang inasal and jollibee. Both are offering chihen with different taste at different prices.

Jollibee food menu price
Mang Inasal food price

Rate List of mang inasal chicken Menu

Mang Inasal ChickenPrices (dine in/take out)
Paa large 1 rice solo₱127.00
Pecho Large 1 rice solo₱151.00
Chicken inasal regular₱99

Rate List of Jollibee ChickenJoy Menu

1 Pc Chickenjoy with Coke₱ 143
6 Pc Chickenjoy Bucket with Jolly Spaghetti ₱ 679
6 Pc Chickenjoy Solo₱ 774

Desserts and Beverages

Jollibee Desserts and Beverages Menu

Jollibee offers a range of desserts. However, I will discuss here mainly three types of desserts which are high five and reputable amongst the people.

Peach Mango, chocolate banana and halo halo are the desserts which are really delightful and enjoyable.

Jollibee desserts and beverages

Mang Inasal Dessert and Beverages Menu

Like Jollibee,Mang Inasal also offers three types of desserts and beverages. These are Traditional halo halo dessert, Leche flan and turon split. These desserts are liked by all walks of life from child to the age of 80 years.

However, the majority of people love to have halo halo dessert. As I do whenever I visit the Mang inasal.

Mang Inasal Desserts and beverages

Chicken Recipe

Chicken dishes may impact your decision when it comes to choosing mang inasal or jollibee.

Jollibee chickenjoy

Chickenjoy of Jollibee

Jollibee chickenjoy is the recognition of the jollibee brand.As KFC and mang inasal was the potential competitor of Jollibee.Thus, Tony Tan Caktiong introduced the special chicken recipe which is known as chickenjoy/. As chicken joy comes in a bucket. It is juicy, hot and tender internally, while crispy and crunchy externally.

Mang Inasal Chicken

Mang Inasal chicken recipe is famous all over the world. The customer base of  Chicken inasal is growing day by day. 

Chicken inasal has attracted the maximum number of customers from the country. This was the idea of famous entrepreneur Edgar Sia. Edgar Sia became a millionaire by jollibee foods corporation.

My experience says that if you are chicken lovers and have a limited budget, mang inasal should be your top priority.

Mang Inasal Menu chicken inasal

Customer Support

Jollibee Customer Service

Jollibee Customer Support is efficient, proficient and reliable. It is the commitment of the jollibee to serve the customers by providing customer support, giving value to its customers, and neat and clean dine in experience.

I am providing you the cell phone numbers and email of jollibee of the Philippines . These numbers and emails may vary from one store to another.

Jollibee Customer Care
Head Office Number+632 634 1111
Customer service+63 922 998 7000
Customer service+63 917 131 8000
Email[email protected]

Mang Inasal Customer Service

Mang Inasal customer service is very reliable. As I am a regular customer of mang inasal and love to eat chicken inasal, halo halo dessert and ungli rice.

Here is the support of the mang inasal.

Mang Inasal customer care
Email[email protected]
Customer Service Number(02) 8-634-1111
Customer Service Number28987777

Delivery Modes

Jollibee Food delivery methods

Jollibee Delivery Methods

Placing orders is an easy process. You can download the jollibee app from the playstore. It is easy to use. 

You can get your order place via hotlines. #87000 is the hotline number.

Mang Inasal Delivery Modes

 Mang Inasal offers a wide range of delivery methods by providing scores of procedures. For example you can place an order by downloading mang inasal app from playstore.

You are allowed to place orders with foodpanda and  grab food.

Mang Inasal food delivery
Mang Inasal AppDownload At Playstore
Food Panda[email protected]


Mang Inasal and Jollibee are owned by Tony Tan Caktiong. He owns chowking and  Greenwich Pizza. He is also co-chairman  of Double Dragon properties.

The origin of Tony caktiong is philippines.He has  distinct recognition and respect in the line of fast food, real estate and properties.

Here is the list of fast food businesses owned by JFC.Mang inasal, burger kings, Yong He King, Jollibee,Red Ribbon, Highlands Coffee and others are some of the food businesses which are operating all over the world. This business is expanding day and night.


Mang Inasal or Jollibee,it is hard to choose. I have shared my personal experience. It depends upon your choice, preference, mood and others. There is a huge price difference between mang inasal and jollibee. Both brands give unique ambiance and flavour.

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