Mang Inasal Wins 4 Asia Pacific Steve Award 2024

Mang Inasal Philippines, the Grilling Expert, wins 4 Awards in the Asia Pacific Steve Award 2024. Mang Inasal wins 1 silver and 3 bronze awards.

Mang Inasal awards

Following are the details of Mang Inasal Awards

Silver Award.


Silver award is given to Mang Inasal for the use of viral media during the mother day DPR Campaign, which offered free ice cream and family fiesta to all mothers from 6th of May till 12th May.

Bronze Award


First bronze Stevie® Award is for the use of social media in a creative way. When Mang Inasal used its media in a unique way? Mang Inasal used its media during its 20th anniversary milestone. Mang Inasal celebrated its anniversary on 12 December 2023. Following this Mang Inasal offered its signature recipes Mang Inasal Paa and Pecho at  ₱99,saving P52.

Dwight Howard’s Love for Mang Inasal

Second bronze Stevie® Award is given for innovative use of social media / word of mouth. Dwight Howard, a famous volleyball player, who was in the Philippines in January ,2024. 

He recorded a video by quoting that He is in the Mang Inasal store. Every item of the Mang Inasal is good, from chicken inasal to palabok, to pork BBQ and Halo Halo. That video went viral on social media.

During his stay in the Philippines, He ordered Mang Inasal on a daily basis. Upon leaving the Philippines he revealed that He will miss Mang Inasal order.

 Digital and Public Relations Group

Third Bronze Stevie® Award is for the most talented digital and public relations group team which manages all the campaigns in an innovative way. At the Asia Pacific Stevie® Award 2024, Mang inasal team was declared as the best team of the year.

Mike V. Castro Remarks

On ceremony of Asia Pacific Steve Mang Inasal Awards, Mang Inasal president Mike V. Catro says that 3 steve awards is the source of joy and happiness for the mang inasal. It translates out efforts in order to bring more impacts and contribution in the lives of customers both offline and online.

He added that mang inasal put every possible resource for the customers by offering loveable and delicious  grilled and unlimited experience and fun.

Asia Pacific Steve Mang Inasal Awards 2024

Asia Pacific Steve Award 2024 was held on 25th of May in Manila Philippines. There were 1000 nominees for the award from 25 different nations of the regions and territories. 

There was a group of 150 judges of the event who decided the fate of the participants. 

Asia Pacific Award is an open international  business competition where innovation, knowledge and skills are promoted in all forms. 

By the same token, Mang Inasal won 4 trophies of Gold for Mang Inasal Nation Group and MICC at Anvil awards of 2024.

Mang Inasal Quill Awards of 2023

Mang inasal won 3 philippines Quill awards of excellence for

  • First Quill Award for Mang Inasal Nation Facebook group coupled with communication Management Division Relations category.
  • Second Quill Award for #ILoveMangInasal Facebook Page Content Revamp in social media category.
  • Third Quill Award for #MangInasalFamilyFiesta TikTok Challenge for brand awareness,marketing, communication and others

Similarly , Mang inasal Creator Circle won the merit award in the line for social media category.

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