Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi  Menu Price Al Rigga Restaurant 

Mang inasal dubai is the hub of local and afghani dishes. Mang inasal Abu dhabi offers competitive prices to its customers like mang inasal menu and prices at philippines. There are a variety of Filipino dishes that include Mang inasal chicken, soup, pancit bihon, fish ball, bangus sisig, grilled chicken and others.

Similarly, there is afghani cuisine which includes afghani mutton karahi, Afghani kebab and others. Besides, there are Arabic dishes for customers. It includes mutton mandi, french fries and Arabic salad. All of these are popular dishes of Mang Inasal.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi menu price

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Mang Inasal Menu Price of Filipino Dishes

Mang Inasal offers top quality Filipino dishes and recipes to the customers in Abu includes mang inasal chicken, inasal na pecho, paa and many others. 

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi filipino dishes
Sizzling BulaloAED 27.00
Mang Inasal(Chicken Inasal)AED 18.00
Inasal na PechoAED 22.00
Inasal na PaaAED 20.00
Pancit BihonAED 19.00
Paang InasalAED 4.00
Pancit Canton with waterAED 27.00
Pancit Palabok with waterAED 27.00
Chicken SisigAED 25.00
Grilled LiverAED 5.00
SinanglawAED 20.00
Leeg Na ManokAED 6.00
Pancit CantonAED 19.00
KikiamAED 5.00
TapsilogAED 18.00
IshawAED 20.00
Fish BallsAED 5.00
LomiAED 33.00
Fried TokwaAED 3.00
ToknenengAED 8.00
Bangus SisigAED 27.00
BibingaAED 15.00
Pechong InasalAED 20.00
Inihaw na AtayAED 10.00
Bangus at Ensalada with RiceAED 30.00
Bangus Sisig LogAED 18.00
PalabokAED 19.00
Beef SisigAED 27.00
CalamaresAED 18.00
Lumpiang Tongue(Shingai version)AED 10.00
Ensalada with TongueAED 12.00
Sesame Balls(Buchi) 6pcsAED 10.00
6 pcs SiomaiAED 10.00
10 pc chicken AsadoAED 10.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price for Combo Meals

Combo meals include lumpiang tongue,pecho, paang, lemon ice tea, rice and chicken. Combo meals also include mang inasal soup. It is provided when it is demanded . it is worthwhile to note that mang inasal soup is free of cost.

Combo Meals 1AED 44.00
Combo Meals 2AED 44.00
Combo Meals 3AED 44.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price of Arabic Dishes

Mang inasal offers local foods and dishes to the customers of Abu Dhabi. It includes french fries, arabic salad and others. This fact shows that Mang inasal cares about the local taste and interest.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi Arabic Dishes
French friesAED 5.00
Arabic Salad LargeAED 10.00
Arabic Salad smallAED 5.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price of Desserts +  Sweet

Mang inasal offers a range of desserts and sweets. This section covers the famous Arabic desserts, cakes and others. It is important to note that in Abu Dhabi, Mang inasal also offers those desserts which it sells in the Philippines. For example, it sells halo halo dessert, Buko Pandan, Leche Flan and many more.

Here are famous desserts and sweets which are valued in Abu Dhabi and the Philippines.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi desserts sweets
Buko PandanAED 10.00
Large Pinoy Halo Halo DessertAED 19.00
Small Pinoy  Halo Halo DessertAED 13.00
Caramel BarAED 10.00
PiononoAED 7.00
Pandesal 2 PCSAED 1.00
Puto with Cheese(Filipino Cake)AED 10.00
Leche FlanAED 10.00
Pitchi Pitchi DessertAED 10.00
Maja BlancaAED 12.00
Banana Turon 2 PCAED 7.00
Puto CuchintaAED 10.00
Cassava CakeAED 10.00
BrowniesAED 10.00
Graham De LecheAED 20.00
Chocolate Cheese CakeAED 15.00
Taro CheeseCakeAED 15.00
BibingkaAED 20.00
BikoAED 13.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price for Breads

Mang inasal offers a range of breads to its customers and visitors.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi Breads Menu
Brazo de MercedesAED 10.00
Butterfly Cheese BreadAED 4.00
Sunflower BreadAED 4.00
Twisted BreadAED 4.00
Pan De Coco  (cocunut milk, eggs, brown sugar and butterAED 4.00
HopiaAED 3.00
Milky Cheese BreadAED 3.00
Ensaymada CheeseAED 4.00
Ube BasketAED 4.00
Cheese BreadAED 4.00
PandesalAED 4.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price of  Mutton

Keeping the local taste and cultural values intact, Mang inasal Al Rigga restaurant Mutton recipes. For example Mutton karahi, Mandi, qorma, kofta, kebab and others.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi mutton menu
Mutton KarahiAED 38.00
Mutton MandiAED 48.00
Mutton Mandi LocalAED 65.00
Sultani Kebab Mutton KoftaAED 25.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price of  Kehrai & Vegetables

Mang inasal Al Rigga keeps in mind that their targeted customers are Asian. I mean People from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They love to eat vegetables and karahi. Thus, it offers alo palak, mixed vegetables and Bhindi.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi Mix vegetables
Alo PalakAED 15.00
Afghan Mutton KarahiAED 49.00
Afghan Chicken KarahiAED 36.00
Mutton QormaAED 28.00
Mix VegetablesAED 15.00
Bhindi FryAED 15.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price of  Pulses

Mang inasal also offers pulses. These Pulses include daal gosht, daal palak.

Daal GoshtAED 24.00
Daal PalakAED 15.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price for Chicken

Mang inasal offers a wide range of dishes and recipes of chicken. It includes chicken boti, Malai boti and others.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi chicken menu
Chicken Malai Boti +Mutton TikkaAED 30.00
Chicken BotiAED 26.00
Chicken SisilogAED 26.00
Lamb Tikka KoftaAED 38.00
Chicken MadfoonAED 27.00
Fried Chicken SkinAED 5.00
Chicken MadhabiAED 26.00
Kabayan Menu
Haneeth SideAED 65.00
Chicken NeckAED 6.00

Mang Inasal Menu For Beef

Beef is another consumable item in Abu Dhabi. People love to eat beef and recipes made up of beef. This is the reason Mang inasal offers beef recipes in its Arabic restaurant.

Beef Kare KareAED 39.00
Beef SisilogAED 17.00
Beef SinanglawAED 28.00
Tapsilog(beef+fried rice+eggs)AED 25.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price for Group BBQ

BBQ For 3 PersonAED 123.00
BBQ For 5 PersonAED 215.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price for Special Afghani Kebab

Special afghani kebab is the hot selling menu at Mang inasal al Rigga Restaurant. You can go with afghani Kebab. What will you get with afghani cuisine? Bread, soup and salad.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi afghani cuisine
Afghani Pulao With MuttonAED 25.00
Afghani Special Seekh BotiAED 25.00
Afghani Pulao with chickenAED 25.00
Afghani Pulao with KoftaAED 27.00
Afghani Pulao with Seekh BotiAED 30.00
Lamb TIkka And KoftaAED 52.00
Chicken BotiAED 33.00
Kofta KebabAED 42.00
Grilled FishAED 42.00
Chicken Boti And Mutton Tikka And KoftaAED 41.00
Grilled SherryAED 42.00
Chicken Kofta KababAED 35.00

Mang Inasal Menu For Seafood

Cajun is the filipino based seafood that is offered at the mang inasal al Rigga restaurant. It is important to note that mang inasal cares about demographic taste.

Cajun Mix for 1 personAED 79.00
Cajun Mix for 3 to 4  personAED 178.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price of Drinks

Like other restaurants, Mang Inasal offers soft drinks which scale up the taste of Mang inasal recipes. It offers mouth watering ice tea, bottled water and cans of all companies like coke can, sprite can, fanta can and many more.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi soft drink menu
Soft drink in CanAED 4.00
PepsiAED 5.00
Mirinda OrangeAED 5.00
7 UpAED 5.00
Mountain DewAED 5.00
Bottled WaterAED 3.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price of Rice

Rices are the key for mang inasal either in the Philippines or Abu Dhabi. Mang Inasal is the only fast food chain that offers unlimited rice to its customers all around the world. Same is the case with Mang inasal Al Rigga Restaurant.

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi Rice menu
Chicken BiryaniAED 25.00
Beef Bulalo with RiceAED 27.00
Daingsilog (Fried Rice+fried eggs)AED 18.00

Mang Inasal Menu Price for  Juice

Pineapple JuiceAED 7.00
Lemon Iced TeaAED 7.00
Lemon And Mint JuiceAED 15.0
Orange JuiceAED 15.0
Watermelon JuiceAED 15.0
Mango MilkshakeAED 15.0
Banana MilkshakeAED 15.0
Avocado MilkshakeAED 15.0

Mang Inasal Menu Price for Milk Tea and Fruit Tea

Mang inasal diversified its menu in Abu dhabi. As most of the labourers and workers find the mang inasal is a hub spot. Workers and labourers feel good about having tea after the meal. Tea and fruit tea is not limited to the labourers and workers,but government officials also feel filled after taking milk tea and fruit tea. 

Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi afghani cuisine
Large Mix Fruit TeaAED 15.0
Small Mix Fruit TeaAED 13.0
Small Peach TeaAED 13.0
Large Peach TeaAED 15.00
Large Strawberry TeaAED 15.00
Small Strawberry TeaAED 13.00
Large Passion Fruit TeaAED 15.00
Small Passion Fruit TeaAED 13.00
Large Blueberry TeaAED 15.00
Small Blueberry TeaAED 13.00
Large Matcha CheesecakeAED 19.0
Small Matcha CheesecakeAED 15.00
Large Hami Melon CheesecakeAED 19.0
Small Hami Melon CheesecakeAED 15.00
Large Hami Melon SmoothieAED 15.00
Small Hami Melon SmoothieAED 13.00
Large Winter Melon CheesecakeAED 19.0
Small Winter Melon CheesecakeAED 15.0
Large Taro CheesecakeAED 19.0
Small Taro CheesecakeAED 15.0
Large Taro SmoothieAED 15.0
Small Taro SmoothieAED 13.0
Large Chocolate SmoothieAED 15.0
Small Chocolate SmoothieAED 13.0
Large Chocolate Milk TeaAED 15.0
Small Chocolate Milk TeaAED 13.0
Small Matcha Milk TeaAED 13.0
Large Matcha Milk TeaAED 15.0
Large Taro Milk TeaAED 15.0
Small Taro Milk TeaAED 13.0
Large Hami Melon Milk TeaAED 15.0
Small Hami Melon Milk TeaAED 13.0
Large Winter Melon Milk TeaAED 15.0
Small Winter Melon Milk TeaAED 13.0

Basic Info About Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi

Before visiting the Mang inasal Abu Dhabi, you must understand the facts and approaches of the mang inasal. How to place orders, what type of chairs are there, dining environment and what not. Here are details of mang inasal Abu dhabi.

Minimum Order RangeAED 1.00
CuisinesFilippino, Afghan, Arabic,Mandi, Seafood
Payment MethodCash, Master Card, Visa Card
Average delivery Time½ hour
Delivery FeeAED 9.00
ServicesFireplace, outdoor sitting arrangements, 
Address/LocationAl Rigga Rd – next to ibis hotel – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number+971 54 584 9338
Opening/Closing Time10 AM-4PM every day


Yes, Mang inasal offers delivery.the cost of delivery charges depend upon the location and distance. Usually, it takes 9 AED per delivery. It may be changed as it depends upon areas, distances and others.

Al Rigga Restaurant offers you a booking slot by call at the restaurant. There are the following methods by which you can call and book your slot.

Call for Reservation:

Phone Number+971 4 261 6699
Landline Number+971 54 584 9338


Mang Inasal Abu Dhabi is the perfect spot and food destination for People of all walks of life. The most important thing is that it offers dishes and recipes that are diverse. As people from almost all countries are working here in Abu dhabi. For these reasons, it offers Afghani cuisine, Arabic cuisine, Filipino cuisines, and others.

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