KFC or Mang Inasal | Which one to choose? Top 7 Motivations

Comparing mang inasal with KFC is like analysing mangos with oranges. The menu and the prices of mang inasal is different from that of KFC. Customer services, dishes offered, cooking style are not the same. This fact makes people confused whether to choose KFC or Mang Inasal.

Me and my father-in-law went ahead in order to find which one is a better option in terms of taste and flavour, affordability and others. Here are our findings.

KFC Or Mang Inasal

Chicken Recipe


Deep Chicken of KFCis the signature dish of KFC.KFC uses herbs and spices in order to make the chicken tender, savoury and youthful.

KFC uses secret spices and herbs in order to make the fried chicken.in the year 2016, a document was leaked in which there were 11 different spices and herbs mentioned. This was the so-called kfc leaked chicken spices and herbs. 

Well, KFC lacks the traditional taste. It prefers modern tastes. Thus, bring a savoury taste for its customers. Clients and customers of KFC are happy to try fried chicken.

KFC Chicken recipe
Mang Inasal Chicken

Mang Inasal

Chicken recipe of the mang inasal is unmatchable. This is the recipe that attracted the entire Filipino nation. Grilled chicken which is known as mang inasal chicken originated from iloilo city of philippines and won the hearts and minds of the people.

What is unique in the mang inasal chicken? Kfc ignores the traditional taste and flavour while mang inasal chicken totally prefers traditional taste.

Mang inasal chicken is cooked on bamboo sticks and served with mang inasal oil. This reason really attracts people. That’s why people choose mang inasal instead of kfc.

KFC Chicken IngredientsMang inasal Chicken Ingredients
Black pepperCalamansi juice
saltLemon grass
mustardCoconut vinegar
thymeBrown sugar
Annatto oil

Ingredients show how mang inasal chicken is different from KFC fried chicken. I hope me and my father in law gave you the authentic reasons to differentiate between mang inasal and KFC.

Prices of Mang Inasal and KFC

By the way there is no comparison between the rate list of mang inasal and the price list of KFC.  Anyhow, for the sake of comparison,

 I am providing some of the chicken types along with its rate list. This will provide you the overview of the rate list which will impact to choose either mang inasal or KFC. There is the rate list of chicken of mang inasal and kfc in philippines. Prices and rates vary from store to store.

KFC Rate List

KFC ChickenPrices

Mang Inasal Rate List

Mang Inasal ChickenPrices (dine in/take out)
Paa large 1 rice solo₱127.00
Pecho Large 1 rice solo₱151.00
Chicken inasal regular₱99

These tables of chicken recipes allow you to choose either KFC or Mang Inasal.

Desserts and Beverages

There is nothing special in the desserts menu of kfc. There are KFC water bottles, coke, and  sprite.  Only these are the dessert or beverages which kfc offer especially in filipino stores.

KFC Or Mang Inasal drinks menu

On the other hand, mang inasal offers halo halo dessert. This is the special dessert which I personally love the most. Whenever I visit mang inasal, i prefer to have mang inasal which helps to scale up the taste of mang inasal menu.

Creamy halo halo dessert makes the difference. This helps choose kfc or mang inasal.

KFC or Mang Inasal: Ungli Rice

Unli rice is the unique feature of mang inasal restaurant. Unli rice comes free with mang inasal menu.  You can eat as per your desire. None  in the history of the fast food industry, free rice is provided to the people. But mang inasal provides.

Whenever I am out of the budget and hungry, I love to go at mang inasal. This is the fact that mang inasal stores are crowded at the time. My father-in-law also loves to eat unli rice along with mang inasal oil/ yellow sauce.

This unli rice allows you to mang inasal.

Mang Inasal Ungli Rice

Traditional Soup

Mang Inasal Traditional Soups

Soups and noodles are also key to deciding whether to go to KFC or Mang Inasal. There is no soup or traditional recipe offered by KFC. 

On the other hand, Mang Inasal offers traditional tamarind soup.  It is made up of onion, tomato, salt and knorr sampalok. Similarly, special mang inasal noodles along with pork sisig make the difference here.

Customer Support

KFC vs Mang Inasal Support

Customer support of both fast food chains is contributive and productive.In case of mang inasal, customers are supported via online and remotely. People can register their complaints at  [email protected] or can call (02) 8-634-1111.

On the other hand, kfc also supports its customers through multiple ways. For example, KFC provides apps, websites or in house support in order to make the customers satisfied.

Delivery Modes and Methods

Mang Inasal vs KFC Delivery method

Both of the brands offer top notch delivery to their customers.mang inasal is partnered with grabfood and food panda. While FKC facilitates its customers by UberEats, Doordash, and Grubhub.

Each of the brands is actively involved in facilitating the customers by providing easy and promising delivery methods. It is up to the customers to choose one out of both fasto food Brands.


Jollibee, mang inasal and Chowking are the top competitors of KFC in philippines. Mang of the fried chicken lovers revealed that fried chicken with chowking and jollibee is far more tasty and delightful than that of KFC.

Kfc is the third most popular fast food industry. What makes it popular and crazy? Fried chicken which is made up of 11 secret herbs and spices, mashed potato and others.

There are many reasons which pave the way for customers to kfc. Firstly, deep fried chicken, which turns the chicken brown, juicy and tasty. These characteristics of chicken make it lovable.


It is a hard question to answer. There are many reasons that make the mang inasal more delightful and youthful over KFC. On the other hand, KFC lovers give plenty of reasons to go and eat KFC chicken. As I said,  comparison of mang inasal over KFC is like comparing mango with oranges. What do you think? What is your favourite brand kfc or mang inasal?

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