Mang Inasal Inventory System and Processes

Every business keeps a close eye on its inventory and processes. inventory systems are directly proportional to customer satisfaction. Like all food businesses, The Mang inasal ,known for delicious menu offering,keeps track of delivery items, consumed products;thus maintaining the supply chain management.

In this reading, I will share how the inventory system and processes work. You will be able to understand the logistics and suppliers of the mang inasal. Keep on reading this lesson. Let’s dive into the guide.

Mang Inasal Inventory System and Processes

What is an inventory Management system?

Inventory management is a business activity which is used to keep track of supply of goods from manufacturing to customers. This is directly related to customer satisfaction thus yielding money for business.

Fluctuation in supply and demand affects customer satisfaction. As A Result , it made a bad impression on the customers.

Mang Inasal Inventory System 

Mang inasal is known for its quick service delivery. Thus, customers prefer to go with mang inasal , instead of Mcdonald, kfc and other brands.

Mang Inasal Inventory system process

Delivery and ordering Days of Mang Inasal

Mang inasal has allocated days for its order and delivery processes. By the same token, it has made an effort to fix days for wry, wet and soft drink items. 

Delivery DaysOrdering Days

Ordering Days For Wet and Dry Items

Ordering days for wet, dry,ice,and vegetables vary. It is important to note that ice and vegetables are ordered every day. The core reason behind this is to keep vegetables fresh and youthful.However, the soft drinks,cold drinks and desserts are ordered as per the requirement. Thus, it depends upon usage. 

Wet ItemsIce & VegetablesDrinks & DessertsDry Items
SaturdayEvery day Depend on usageMonday

Mang Inasal Checklist For Products

Mang inasal is known for its quality and people’s preference. Why do people trust in mang inasal? The chief reason is that it uses fresh,wholeness and fullness of materials used in its menu. The team of experts mark the checklist for every ordered product.

Mang inasal product checklist for inventory
  • Delivery timing of products: The delivery time ensures to maintain the supply and demand balance. Thus, the mang inasal team ensures the delivery of items in order for the availability of items.
  • Product Quality: product quality is very important and contributive to the mang inasal. As the edgar sia, Owner of Mang inasal, is fully committed to provide promised and quality food for its customers. To ensure the quality of food,mang inasal uses local suppliers for raw materials. This strategy of mang inasal is work to maintain the quality of food.
  • Standard Temperature: Temperature is key for the products. This is contributive for mang inasal chicken, pork meat, chicken oil and others. Compromising on the temperature may lead to the damage of the products.
  • Zero Defects:Zero defect means that the product is sound, youthful,fresh and young.I have personally experienced that mang inasal returns damaged and defective products to their suppliers .
  • On every Thursday, items like soya sauce and  chicken oil are replaced in order to keep the freshness of the items.

How Do Mang Inasal Maintain the Freshness of supply?

Mang inasal uses a fridge and freezer for maintaining and preserving the freshness of products. The temperature is maintained at 35 to 40 fahrenheit. This range is perfect for keeping the product bright and active.

It is worth remarking that the temperature above the 41 Fahrenheit is injurious to the products. It may turn the products more acidic. Thus, spoil the food.

Apart From this, Mang inasal uses the strategy of first in first out(FIFO). Means first come first serve.

how mang inasal maintain freshness of food items?

What does Mang Inasal do with defective products?

What Does mang inasal do with defected food?

Customers are the first priority of the mang inasal. It ensures the quality of food for making the consumers happy. Now a potential question may arise in your mind about what mang inasal does with damaged products.

If the product is spoiled and defective at the time of delivery. It is directly sent back to the suppliers. Moreover, suppliers may have insurance with logistics companies for safe delivery of products.

Inventory profit and Loss System 

Mang inasal uses a very unique system of calculating profit and loss of its raw materials. To get this task done, mang inasal uses Food Cost Food Paper. This is used to monitor the entry and used raw material on a monthly basis.

What Measures are Adopted to Avoid Shortage of Supply?

Well, it is the duty of the store manager to ensure the availability of products and case, if there is shortage of products, the manager borrows items from the nearest mang inasal store.

If he fails to borrow items, he is allowed to purchase items from the local market.

Mang inasal uses local suppliers for its chicken,rice, pork meat and for their products. This is the reason that prices of mang inasal are very competitive.

What Measures are Adopted to Avoid Shortage of Supply

Sale Target of mang inasal

Every business uses an inventory management system and processes to increase profit and sales. Mang inasal do the same to bring more and more profits. So,the monthly sales target of mang inasal is 1 million pesos on ordinary days while 2 million pesos on peak days.


In short, mang inasal inventory system is meant to monitor entry and consumed items by the customers. Mang inasal aligned this inventory management system as per its requirements. This system plays its part in order to scale up its business and profit. In the same line, this system is helpful for maintaining customer satisfaction and taste.

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