How to Make Mang Inasal Soup? Best Method

It is hard to replicate the taste of Mang Inasal soup. Many chefs claim that they have an authentic recipe of Soup like mang inasal. However, their techniques fail while making soup. Thus, many people fail to make  soup at home.

Yesterday, i met with the chefs of mang inasal in order to know the secrets of soup. After reading this lesson step by step, you will be able to make soup easily. Without wasting time, let’s jump into the lesson.

How to Make Mang Inasal Soup?

Ingredients Required for Inasal Soup

If you want similar taste which mang inasal restaurant offers in its menu then following are the essential ingredients in order to make perfect for soup. Ingredients depend upon the quantity of soup. This soup is also known as tamarind soup in the philippines.

ingredients required to make mang inasal soup
  • 1 piece of tomato. It is pertinent to note that there should be no tomato seeds.
  • 1 onion.  Finely chopped or minced onion is enough. The size of the onion should be medium to large.   
  • 500 grams of chicken(optional).  Chicken is optional in the mang inasal soup. As per the new trend , mang inasal serves soup without chicken, but it is totally up to you what you like. Many pork lovers use pork ribs while making the soup instead of chicken. 
  • 1 shechet of original knorr sinigang is needed.  Sinigang knorr is available at any food section of international stores.
  • 4 to 5 cloves of garlic. Make sure that cloves must be minced properly.
  • 1 Tablespoon of rock salt. Rock salt is also known as himalayan pink salt. This salt gives a nice taste and texture if it is from Pakistan’s himalayan salt.
  • 2 inch long ginger is required. It should be sliced nicely.
  • 1/2 Litre of water. Mang inasal chefs use 8 cups of water which is equal to half a litre of water.
  • Small quantity of Oil.  This oil will be used for frying.
  • Taro roots.  It is a root vegetable and widely consumable.
  • Seefood: some chefs recommend adding snake or string beans.
  • Remember one thing, if you want to add pork, use 1 inch pieces of pork ribs. This quantity may vary.

Kitchen items

1 stove is required for cooking.

1 shallow or open pan.

Procedure to make soup

complete procedure to make soup

Step 1

Set the stove from medium to high flame. Place the open or shallow pan

Step 2

Add a small amount of oil into the pan.  Add ginger, garlic, tomato,taro roots and  onion. Now fry the above mentioned items.

Step 3

After 2 to 3 minutes, add ½ litre of water into the pan.  Cover the pan with its lid. Wait for it to boil. Once the water starts boiling, keep it stirring gently. It will take 10 to 12 minutes for the whole process.

Step 4

Add meat, snake, pork ribs or string of beans into the boiled water. I will take around 15 minutes to tender chicken,pork or snake. But, it depends on the quantity of meat. This will make the recipe authentic and worthwhile.

Step 5

Add 1 shechet of original sinigang mix. This will change the colour of boiling water from transparent to brown. Keep on stirring the entire mixture. It will take 4 to 8 minutes. 

It is worthwhile to mention that if you add chicken or pork ribs, the time duration will be different. Make sure that chicken or pork meat should be tender.

How to serve mang inasal soup?

Mang inasal original soup is ready to serve now. Hot and delicious soup will make your day. You will be surprised that the taste would be same like that of mang inasal soup.You can use it with mang inasal chiken and plain rice. I highly recommend you to add this soup in your family get together, office meetings and parties. This will increase the charm of your taste.


In a nutshell, the soup of mang inasal is one of the best soups in the world. Adding chicken, snake, string of beans or pork ribs will make this recipe closer to the original. Tomato, onion, garlic, taro roots and ginger will give a juicy texture to the soup.  I recommend you make this soup as part of your daily routine. This recipe is really delicious.

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