How to reheat limpo inasal: Top 6 Methods

How to reheat limpo inasal? Well, like reheating pork bbq, reheating the limpo inasal is a tricky and a complex process. Whatever is your reheating appliances, it requires a great deal of attention, guidance and sound methods. Improper and flawed methods may compromise your eating experience.

To get this job done, I tested multiple methods in order to know what are the best and flawless ways. After reading this guide, you will be able to know the true methods of reheating the limpo inasal while preserving the crispiness, taste,texture and quality.

how to Reheat reheat limpo inasal?

My Personal experience of heating Pork Belly

I was in search of a perfect method. My aim was to find a method which retains the juicy, texture,quality and flavour of the meat. So I got the inspiration from mang inasal which offers the best menu in the country. So, I got the meat out from the fridge for a 24 hour rest.

Next day, I took the pork belly or lechon belly and made a thin slice. I started testing meat with a range of kitchen appliances. What was the result ?

 I found that the oven was best for large pieces of pork belly and the air fryer resulted in drying. Similarly,  pan produced the best results. Besides , the microwave is worthy for meat but un-favourable for skin.

How to reheat limpo inasal for Reheating Pork Belly?

Reheating the pork belly is a complete science.  You want tender, juicy meat on the one way. On the other hand, you want crispy skin. For this reason, you can use an oven for skin and a microwave for meat. It will serve both purposes

Here are other tips and quick hacks for reheating the limpo inasal or lechon kawali. 

Boil the Pork

how to boil the pork sisig?

Boiling and simmering the pork belly gives the delicious taste experience.  But how?  You can use different herbs, sauces and other stuff which increase the texture of the meat. Here is the proper guide.

Take these materials for boiling the pork

  • Pork belly which should be sliced as per desire
  • Salt as per taste
  • Peppercorn
  • Some cloves of garlic
  • Small quantity of bay leaves
  • thyme

Getting ready the pork belly

Turn the slab of pork into nice slices. This process will help absorb the spices and sauces. Wash these slices with cool water which clears all the impurities. Take the towel and place the slices onto it.

Addition of spices and herbs

Add some salt, paper, and other herbs of your taste. Make sure that all the material which you added, mixed evenly. You can use garlic powder as well. 

use of herbs and spices

Boiling process

Boiling process of pork

Take the pot with water and place it on the gas stove. Turn the stove on. Once the water starts boiling, start adding the seasoned meat into it. Boil the meat for 40 to 45 minutes. It will translate the meat into an unimaginable flavour.

Puncturing the pork belly

 Puncturing the pork belly will help make the meat more tasty and super delicious. Puncturing comes next to boiling. This process is super easy and cool. Here is the solution.

how to puncture the pork belly

Preparing the belly

Preparing the pork belly for puncturing is a great game. All you need to have is a stanley knife or toothpick and a ruler.

Bear in mind that you have to puncture the skin, not the meat. Otherwise juice of the meat will come out which may degrade the quality of meat.

Start cutting the meat skin with the help of a knife and ruler. Make the cuts of 1 cm of intervals.  You can use the toothpick for this job.

Adding Salt and Storing in the Fridge

After puncturing the belly ,now you can store pork belly after massaging it with salt. Take the handful-quantity of salt and rub it on the meat. It will make the skin of the meat crispy. Get the meat and arrange it on the towel.moreover,place the meat 1 complete day in the fridge for best results. After doing this process, you can put your meat in the fridge for 24 hours or 1 day. This method will increase the taste experience.

Getting Ready for frying the pork belly

Get  the meat out  from the fridge and organise it with the towel. Now clean the meat with the help of a towel. Now take the white vinegar and apply it on the meat. It will dry out the skin  after increasing the texture of the skin.

Take the frying pan and add meat step-by-step. Keep a close eye while frying and make sure meat doesn’t fall apart.


Another Great Method of Cooking  Pork Belly

other ways of cooking pork belly

Deep Frying

Deep frying is another contributing method of cooking the pork belly.  To make things right, a thermometer is a great way.

how to deep fry pork belly

Now add the oil in a pan and heat it up. Check out the temperature of the oil with the help of a chopstick. If there are bubbles around the chopstick, oil is ready to deep fry.

Add meat into the pan slowly. This process requires a great deal of thoughtfulness and diligence . As oil may burn your hand,skin or even affect your eyes.

Tong can be used to flip the sides of the meat. Get the meat out from the oil, if the skin is cracked and crunchy. 

Place the meat on the wire rack, it will drain out the extra oil from the meat. Meat is ready to serve.

How to Reheat Pork Belly in the Oven?

Best way to reheat the pork belly is in a convection oven. It yields best results. How? Oven is the appliance which has the potential to preserve the meat as fresh. I rate this method of reheating 10 out 10. 

how to reheat pork belly  In the toaster oven?


Start heating the oven and ensure the temperature at 380 fahrenheit or 180 celsius. 

Step 2:

 This is the time to put the pork belly out of the fridge. I recommend you bring the meat at room temperature. Actually, when we place the meat in the fridge, it makes the pork belly humid, waterlogged and saturated.

Similarly, bring the meat at room temperature if meat is stored in the freezer. 

Step 3:

One can remove the meat from the skin. This makes the belly more tender, tasty and flavorful. But the choice is your. You can skip this step.

Step 4:

Take the heavy-duty foil paper. Take one sauce out of it to marinade the pork meat. These sauces include vinegar, apple sauce, vine, olive oil,  and water. If you don’t have sauces, you can use simple water. This will increase the taste of pork to an unimaginable scale.

Take this marinated meat and place it in the aluminium foil.

Step 5:

Take the meat and place it on the lower shelf of the oven.  The skin of the leftover is on the higher shelf. 

Step 6:

  Ensure that the temperature of the meat should be at 350 fortnight or 180 celsius. Keep monitoring the meat in the oven. It will take seven to ten minutes to cook. However, the duration of time may vary. It depends upon how big the leftovers are.

 Take the knife or spoon and test out.  You can easily figure out whether you are successful or not.  

Moreover, if the skin is not crunchy, you can heat it for 2 to 3 minutes more .


  • Result of reheating in the oven brings a unique experience. It retains the meat’s freshness, crispiness and juiciness.
  • Oven is a fruitful instrument for bigger joints of pork. It saves time, effort and energy.

How to reheat the pork belly in the skillet or pan?

how to cook pork in skillet pan

Skillet or pan is another method to reheat the pork meat. You can cut the meat into small pieces or go with larger ones. The aroma and sweetness of the meat will not be compromised.

Step 1:

Take the skillet or pan and place it on the  stove. Add cooking oil or anything for creasing the base of the skillet. Bring the flame  medium to high for best results.

Step 2: 

You can use the tong to change the sides of the meat.  Keep on monitoring the colour of the meat. Once everything is completed , it is ready to consume.

While reheating in the pan, you can add vegetables, sauces or anything which increases your taste.

Simple method  Needs extra attention
Takes  3 to 4 minutes for complete cookingMeat may dry out if  guide is not followed.
Good for slices or whole belly


 I love this procedure of reheating. It brings calm and satisfaction to my taste buds. This method works evenly, both for slices or the whole belly of pork.

Best Way to grill the pork belly Liempo?

how to reheat pork on grill?

Grilling the pork belly on the griller brings a lovely taste. This dish has its own distinctive recognition in the philippines. In the local language of the Philippines,  Inihaw na liempo for grilling the belly of pork is used . Inihaw means to roast, liempo means pork belly. Let’s grill the meat.

Step 1:

Marinade meat with all the required sauces and spices. Usually, meat is marinated with the help of  calamansi juice, black paper, salt, garlic and oil. Place this marinated meat for 20 to 25 minutes for best results.

Step 2:

Before grilling, warm up the griller at medium to high temperature for fifteen minutes. Grill each side of the meat for 2 to 4 minutes . This will lead to tenderness and juiciness of the meat.

Step 3:

Arrange the grilled meat on a nice and lovely platter. Add some nicely cut garlic and onion for the best smell.

A complete Guide of Reheating Pork Belly in Toaster Oven

how-to-reheat pork belly-in-a-toaster-oven

Reheating the pork belly in the toaster oven is always a welcoming method. It is a simple method as compared to a convection oven. Although , the warm air of the toaster removes water from the meat, yet it does not lead to drying out the meat.

Step 1:

Heat up the toaster for 350 fahrenheit. Arrange the meat in the oven-safe dish.

Step 2:  

Get the aluminium foil and wrap up the tray . Avoid making small holes in the sheet. Puncturing the foil may lead to loss of juice of meat.

Step 3:

Put the dish filled with meat in the toaster oven. Cook it for fifteen minutes. 

Step 4: 

Remove the foil from the dish and switch on the grilling button for 5 minutes. This will be for browning the skin of the temperature.

Faster and simple methodNot good for bigger pieces of meat
Toaster will not dry out the meat.
Good for shredded meat.

Preparation of Pork Belly in the Air Fryer

how o reheat pork in airfryer

Air fryer allows the pork belly in a super fast fashion. It upholds the freshness and sweetness  of the meat. Get ready for understanding the complete guide.

Step 1: 

Take the pork belly and make sure that you have a dry out belly with the help of a kitchen towel.

Step 2:

If the pieces are small,it is ok. Else you have to make the slices of meat. While cutting the meat, bear in mind that the juice of the meat does not come out. It will degrade the taste of the meat.

Step 3:

 Take the aluminium foil paper and cover the meat in the foil. Why aluminium foil? This  Keeps juice and tenderness of the meat and prevents it from drying out. Keep in mind that only meat is covered leaving the skin. This will give a refreshing touch to taste. 

Step 4:

Preheat the airfryer and bring the temperature 180 celsius which is equal to 350 fahrenheit. Place the basket of the airfryer , ensuring the skin of the meat face upward.

Step 5:

Start the airfryer and heat the pork belly for three to four minutes. If the temperature is 165 fahrenheit or 73 celsius, meat is ready to serve.

Here is the quick tip. It is highly recommended that not to over cook the meat in the airfryer. Otherwise, it will dry out the meat making it tough and chewy.

Super easy method to follow.Meat may dry out if temperature is not maintained.
Keeps the taste of meat intact.

Reheating the pork belly in microwave

how to reheat pork in microwave

Microwave is the best tool when you have no time. Ok. I don’t recommend this way of reheating. Why? The reason is that it leads to tough and rubbery meat. However, you can adopt this way of reheating if you have no time. Here is the complete solution.

Step 1: 

Shift the meat in a microwave safe-plate.  You can slice the bigger pieces of the meat for better results.

Step 2:

 This step involves the addition of some water, oil,vine or any sauce of like. This will add extra look,taste and flavour to the meat. 

Step 3:

 Place the meat in the microwave and start heating for 3 seconds.  This will make the meat of pork perfect. If you want crispy skin, it is recommended to remove skin  from the meat . Start heating the skin for  2 to 3 minutes in order to get crispy, crunchy and tender meat.

Time saver methodUnfit for large pork pieces
Easy to reheat in the microwaveMore eating can cause robbery,chewy like stuff.
Microwaves just heat the meat, not crispying and frying.

Can You Freeze Pork Belly?

Yes you can freeze the pork belly. Freezing the pork meat in the freezer will be instrumental both for taste and money.

How to freeze the pork belly?

Take the aluminium foil paper and set out to place the meat in the foil paper. Squeeze the air from the paper. This will increase the shelf life of meat. As the bacteria and virus may lead to decomposition of food.

Shift the meat in the freezer. Now it is free from danger and secure for the next 5 to 6 months.

There are a range of advantages of freezing the meat in the freezer. 

  • It increases the life of pork belly. Meat can be stored for the next 5 to 6 months.
  • Freezed meat can be used with a variety of dishes. Thus, it reduces the chances of waste and decay of meat.
  • It is the established fact that fresh pork belly is expensive and high priced.Thus, storing the meat in the freezer saves money. Making it cost effective.

What to do with pork belly leftovers?

Treating the leftovers is a complex task. This reason may cause the waste of the meat. However, pork belly leftovers can be used with scores of recipes and dishes. These allow the pork lovers to use the meat in a proper fashion.

My Girlfriend uses the following methods to make best use of pork belly leftovers. Just follow.

  1.  Leftovers can be used in order to cook the fried rice. This is the best and recommended way. Rice lovers can enjoy the rice and leftovers.
  2.  It can be eaten with hard boiled eggs and omelette.
  3.  Ramen is another possible way to eat the leftovers.  Ramen is a Chinese noodle dish. This dish helps keep you warm in the cold weather.
  4. Frying the leftovers is another great method. Take the salt, sugar, wine,oil and sauces and start frying it. This will increase the texture of the meat.

How Many Times Can You Reheat a Pork Belly?

What the experts recommend  about reheating the pork belly. Well, for the best results, they recommend a single reheating. As long as you move ahead, you lose the taste, freshness and flavour. 

Between 40 to 140 Fahrenheit is thought to be a danger zone for pork meat. As long as, meat remains out of the danger zone; its taste, texture and sweetness preserve.  For this reason, it is recommended to ensure the 165 Fahrenheit of the meat before eating.

What is Pork Crackling or Lechon Kawali?

Pork crackling means frying the pork in a deep fry pan. This is a Filipino dish which is often served with dipping or lechon sauce. This sauce is made up of pork liver.

FAQs:Frequently Asked Questions

Adding oil, water or any other sauces will help in this line. Foil paper is another optimal way to avoid drying pork belly.

You can remove meat from the skin. Oven is the key tool to get this job done. In addition to this, avoid using oil, water or sauces to make it wet. This will make skin soggy.

Microwaves can solve the problems associated with shredded pork belly. Shift it to the microwave basket for processing.  Keep the temperature maintained and cook for half a minute. Your recipe is ready to consume.


Above all, in this article I covered the best 6 methods of how to reheat limbo inasal.  I shared my personal experience of reheating the pork belly which is limpo inasal. There are multiple ways of reheating it. It may be a microwave, oven, toaster oven, air fryer and many more. Each method has its own merits and demerits. In order to have the best results, follow the above mentioned techniques and guide to having a carving taste. 

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