Hot  & Popular Selling Items At MANG INASAL Philippines

Mang inasal is a well respected restaurant that is expert in chicken roast and grill. It ffers hot & popular selling items.There are score of hot and popular selling dishes at mang inasal philippines.Apart from this,mang inasal has 20 years of experience of array of dishes.Many of them are local and traditional recipes.

There are many dishes and menus , ranging from dessert to fast food, in the Mang Inasal restaurant. However,the popular and hot selling items dishes  of mang inasal are chicken inasal, Pork Sisig, Bangus Sisig,Pork BBQ,Halo-Halo,and Palabok.

Hot & Popular Selling Items At MANG INASAL Philippines

Mang Inasal chicken inasal

    Chicken Inasal is the hot and unique dish of the Mang Inasal. This dish is delicious and Savory. It is served with spicy vinegar and unlimited rice.How this dish is made? This is prepared with unique and distinguished spices.

   Before ordering this dish,one should bear in mind that there are two types of chicken inasal. One is Paa and second is Pecho.Paa means feet in tagalog.You will get thigh and drumstick.On the other way,pecho you will get breast and the wings..

Mang Inasal Pork Sisig

  Pork Sisig is another supreme classical dish. It is made with the help of chopped pork,onion,and chilippers. How is it served?  It is served with rice and fried eggs.

Bangus sisig Mang Inasal Recipe

  Bangus is another important platter.The key ingredients of this dish include: bagus fried,chopped onions,chilli pepper,black pepper,ginger, chicharon pork rind,mayonnaise and unsalted butter. It paves the way for dancing the taste buds.

Palabok Mang Inasal

  Palabok is one of the classic dishes. It is a noodle is made up of shrimp sauce topped with an array of includes boiled pork,fried eggs,crushed chicharon,tinapa flakes and fried leads to revive the hunger of the people.

Halo-Halo Dessert Recipe

Halo- Halo is a long established Filipino dish. This is made of a rainbow of substances. Shaved ice,sweet chickpeas,sweet red mung beans,nata de coco,kaong,ube halaya,cubes coconut pudding,2 small scoobs ube ice ,and evaporated milk.

I have a life changing experience.  It makes the soul really cool when the weather is hot. 

 The price of the regular halo-halo dessert is ₱39.Similarly the price of the halo-halo special is  ₱49 . It is a feast for the eye when it is served.

Empanada Recipe 

Empanada is a crescent-shaped pastry filled with pork,ground beef,chicken and vegetables. This dish is so hearty,easy to cook and vegetarian friendly.

Crispy Pata

Crispy pata is a pork is also known as pork leg dish. People eat this dish as a main dish along with rice and atcharang papaya. This is crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside.Filipino people take this recipe as a beer food  or pulutan. It provides a level playing field when it is taken with a mixture of spicy vinegar.

Leche Flan

Leche Flan is a Filipino dessert recipe. It is made up of milk and eggs. A soft caramel sauce is used on it. This delicious dessert is known throughout the world. It is the regular recipe of the mang inasal and many other restaurants.

Unlimited Rice

Mang inasal is the only restaurant that offers unlimited rice with its recipe. Do you now why mang inasal do so? Rice is the fundamental food cuisine for the people of philippines. It also depicts the symbol of generosity and affluence. This is the reason that makes the unlimited rice option popular among the people of philippines.

Chicken inasal,halo-halo,palabok,empanada pork sisig and bungas sisig.

Apart from craveable chicken taste,unlimited rice makes it popular and recognized.

It targets all factions of individuals. However,the prime focus of the restaurant is Filipino people and those who love Filipino dishes.

Mang inasal is famous for its unique style of grilled and roasted chicken.

“The more the many-er,” is the motto of mang inasal.

AGAP is the chief supplier of mang inasal.


To summarise,hot and popular items selling mang inasal are  leche flan,crispy pata,empanada,pork grill and chicken. All of these recipes have a unique method of preparation. If you are planning your vacations, family parties and office get-together please enhance your taste with mang inasal.

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