Sad News for Mang Inasal Card Holders | HappyPlus Program

It is very sad to announce that Jollibee Foods Corporation,JFC, announced to discontinue the Happyplus program by July 2024 which was started and established by the Jollibee group. This decision is taken by Tony Tan Caktiong This press release is on Jollibee official website.

Mang Inasal Card

Which Stores of Jollibee will be affected?

Jollibee owns scores of fast food branches.which happyplus cards will be discontinued? Read the following list and your concept will be cleared.

  • Jollibee’s Joy reward cards
  • Mang Inasal card of Mang Inasal
  • Chow card of chowking brand
  • Overloaded rewards card of Greenwich chain
  • Red Ribbon Reward cards of Red Ribbon brand

What are the Advantages of the Happyplus Program?

The Happyplus program was started in order to reward the loyal customers of Jollibee group. The true benefits of a happyplus card is to earn points on every purchase. 

One point is earned after spending the p50 jollibee owned restaurants,brands, stores and hotels . 1 happypoint is equal to 1 peso.  

These happypoints are used for getting discounts, avail offers and many others. This scheme and effort  of reward cards earned the huge respect and welcome  amongst the common people.

It is worthy to quote here that happycards are valid to earn points until September 30,204. After this date, activation and card validity will be out of the service.

As jollibee offers its customers to get discounted items whether the stores are located in airports lounge, railway station bus station, main highways and main streets. Customers have full access to the brands buffets . It is just like your credit card in your pocket or wallet.

What is Happyplus Card ?

Happy plus card is a digital currency for the members of the JFC group for earning rewards. This scheme or programme was introduced in 2014 for JFC Kids club.  There are 450000 members who have cards.

Additionally, it is a royalty award for customers of JFC whenever they eat at the JFC branch. For example Mang Inasal, Jollibee, chowking,Red Ribbon, Greenwich and others.

Happyplus Program

What is the Registration Process of Happyplus Card?

Are You Still Crazy About Getting a Happy Plus Card? Although Jollibee has announced to disband the HappyPlus card scheme, yet one can get the happyplus card after buying the welcome kit at the cashier counter of any Jollibee brand. 

How to Transfer Points from Expired HappyPlus Cards?

It is worthy to mention here that you can transfer the card points within 90 days of expiry date. 

What you have to do is just login to your account. You have to click on the card renewal button and submit it. After 48 hours of this action, visit the nearest Jollibee store for the point transfer. That’s it.


In sum,Jollibee has announced to disbase Happyplus card programme which is sad news for Mang Inasal cardholder, Jollibee, Overloaded reward card for Greenwich,and Chow card for chowking. Let’s wait what new scheme jollibee brings as an alternative to the happyplus card scheme.

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