Halo Halo Party: Largest Summer Celebrations at Mang Inasal

Summer is at its full swing. Mang Inasal halo halo dessert is taking centre stage. On 4th May, 2024 Mang inasal celebrated the largest event in the Annex Atrium SM city.

People from all walks of life attended the mang inasal largest creamy Halo Halo party. Couples, families, officials, children and others attended the event with zeal and zest.

Halo Halo party summer celebration

More than 1000 creamy halo halo desserts were distributed among the people. This free gift added new life among the people. This is the strategy which is being used by the mang inasal in order to make the customer loyal. This was the reason for which maximum people attended the mang inasal Halo halo party.

Who Attended This Event?

The creamy halo halo gathering was attended by the most recognised and respected actors of the country. They showed their talents to the people via their performance.Some of the favourite personalities of the events are Jane de Leon, Ciara Magallanes and Melai.

Halo Halo Party

Message of the Mang Inasal President

Mike V. Castro, the president of the mang Inasal, endorsed that  Mang inasal is a place which people remember for its creamy Halo halo dessert.

 Mang inasal has been trying to introduce creamy halo halo for making this recipe throughout the summer.

Mang inasal celebration for Halo Halo was remained in the twitter trend by the name of  #MangInasalLevelUpSARAP. This is how mang inasal is preserving its history and bringing the customers under its fold.

Customers were very happy as prizes were distributed amongst the people.People who attended the mang inasal halo halo dessert had fun. They were amused with their families by playing games and others.

Mang inasal halo halo events will be occurring in the various locations of the store for May and June.

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