How to Franchise Mang Inasal ? Complete Guide!

Starting a food venture with a renowned mang inasal is the best investment.Mang inasal is getting popularity in the other parts of world due to its famous menu. Range of questions may arise in the minds of entrepreneurs while opening a mang inasal franchise. The hurdles may be  the application process, qualification, cost associated ,support and training,and investment.

Very recently i went to the mang inasal store in order to taste its famous mang inasal chicken. Where I inquired about the complete process of how to acquire store of mang inasal. You can find the step by step guide of the complete process of opening the sore with mang inasal. Fasten your seat belt.

Mang inasal franchinsing process

Franchise  Application  Process

First of all you have to prepare the required documents. Following are the documents which are needed of the hour. One should keep this in mind that one should ready documents in order to avoid inconvenience.

Franchise  Application  Process

Signed letter of intent

Letter of intent includes the terms and conditions of both parties which are entering into a venture.the core purpose of this letter is to provide safeguard to both parties if deal gets collapse

Signed Intent of letter
Site reference of proposed location

Site reference of proposed location

Photos and pictures of site location is the key. Pictures must show a 360 degree front view. Similarly, the surrounding area which is known as vicinity must include the screenshots of the site. In addition to this, for the mall, floor layout is required. Last but not the least, you should have the legal property documents which certify the ownership of the site.

Submit these documents through any of the following

Send the above mentioned documents to mang inasal postal address and electronic mail. The postal address of the mang inasal is Franchising Division Unit 407, 4th Floor Jollibee Plaza, 10 F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. For electronic mail, the documents must be scanned first and send them on this mang inasal official email.

For more information, you may contact

You can get further detailed information by contacting the following number.

Cell number0998-587-6522
Working daysMonday to Friday
Timing8 AM to 5 AM.

Processing time

Mang inasal franchise processing time
who can apply for mang inasal franchise

Who can apply?

If you have good bread and butter, mang inasal is for you.Mang inasal facilitates those entrepreneurs who suit best with the rules and regulations of the brand. Following sets of characteristics are required for getting the store.

Good Business track record

 Applicant must be business oriented and success driven entrepreneur.Mang inasal prefers those who have a good reputation in the industry coupled with compliance with the rules of government as well as mang inasal.

Commitment to partnerships

Candidates must have strong and firm belief in growing the business and work on enhancing the partnerships. Apart from this, he should have commitment to complete the training programmes which are offered by the brand.

Strong Financial background

Aspirants must have a solid financial background in order to operate the business smoothly. Financial status helps maintain the store.

Capacity to acquire sites

Candidates must have the potential to expand the sites and store. For which they have good financial records.

No pending criminal cases

Applicant must be good citizens who comply with  the rules and regulations of the Philippine government. They should have no prior criminal records.

Sound moral character

Aspirants must possess strong moral values and have a good reputation in the community as well as the business market.

Mang Inasal Store Fee and investment detail

Franchise fee depends upon the type of store. Each type of store demands different investment and capital. So it is suggested to have Php 15 to 22 Millions. Here is the breakdown of the investment.

System Enrollment Fee

For the inclusion into the system of mang inasal , you have Php 1,200,000.00.this income covers the services which will be provided to you. What are the mang inasal services? These include market assessment,system set-up, training of staff and others.

It is worthwhile to mention here that this investment does not cover the royalty and store design fee.

Royalty fee

This is the fee which covers the ongoing expenditures of the Store. Mang inasaluse this fee for research and development,training and expansion of the network of branches.

This fee normally ranges from 4 to 5%. In the case of mang inasal royalty fee,it is 5%. This 5% fee is charged on the net sale of the store.

Advertisement fee

Fees vary from brand to brand. It depends upon the store location, competition, and size of the market. Normally the brand charges 1 to 4% on the net sale. However, mang inasal charges 3% as an advertising fee.

Setup Fee

P 1.2 million is required for initial setup fee. This fee comprises the initial level of programme training, location development,screening of store and others.

Design Fee

Design fee is also charged by the mang inasal. An amount of p 160,000 is required for design. Design fee is for plumbing,electrical and mechanical activities. Similarly, it also includes the fee of layouts,architectural design.

Contract Period and Return on Investment

Initially 10 years of contract is signed between applicant and mang inasal . This contract is renewable. The renewal of the contract depends upon scores of factors. These factors include sales, potential of the market and the way branch of mang inasal control the expenditures of the store.

Contract Period and Return on Investment

What type of Stores are available?

Applicants must have a site. Mang inasal is not responsible for providing the location for the store.

 There are 4 types of store available for franchising.

1.Free Standing Store

Free standing store is a store which is not located in the shopping mall or center. This is the street based store which has its own parking.

2. Mall Store

Mall stores are the stores which are located in the neighbourhood of the shopping mall. Mang Inasal prefers to have such stores because of traffic,crowd and business opportunities.

3. In-Store

In stores are those stores which are present in the large building. These stores are preferable as more people love to visit the bigger shopping malls and centres.

4. Food Court

Food court is known as a food hall. This is the common area for which people love to have self-dining. Such food halls are present within the facility of a mall or centre.

Advantages of the Mang Inasal Store

In order to become the partner of the mang inasal, you have only a business mind,good financial status and willingness. Moreover, mang inasal does not require prior restaurant experience for acquiring the mang inasal store.

Disadvantages of the Mang Inasal branch

Site location is the leading hurdle for the mang inasal store opening. Mang inasal requires legal documents which verifies that this land belongs to you. This process is time taking and requires effort.

Mang Inasal Store Products or Services

Following are the chief products in which mang inasal deals. A new aspirant must focus on these products before starting a store.

Chicken inasal

 This is the traditional and classical dish of the philippines. The popularity of the chicken inasal has reached to the zenith of glory.

Halo- halo dessert

Halo- halo dessert is another hot selling product of the mang inasal. It is like when the weather is hot. The locals as well as foreigners love this product.

Fiesta Inasal Meal

Maang inasal deals in famous meal of inasal fiesta. It is a combination of chicken and barbecue. 


This includes drinks and soups of various kinds. For example, coke,Iced Red Gulaman.iced tea,chicken oil and peanut sauce.

Paborito Meals

It includes various kinds of recipes. For example Paa Solo, pork and bangus sisig.

What is the Mang Inasal Store training program?

 Mang inasal is very loyal and honest towards its partners. For the better understanding of the business, mang inasal provides the hands- on experience to the aspirant. It offers 30 days training to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the business. After getting training, one can expect practical knowledge of the business and food industry.

Mang Inasal Franchise Contact Details:

Address2316 Tramo St., Pasay City, Philippines
Electronic mail[email protected]
Facebook page
Fax no.(02)854-5692, (02)508-5111, (02)852-1448
Cell no.0998-587-6522

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Question

The payback depends upon market size,customer behaviour and grip on controlling the cost of the store.

Mang inasal provides the design and team for the construction. Franchisee has to pay the fee only.

No. franchise-seeker has its own location.

No. mang inasal considers only those partners which have their own site and location.

Mang inasal helps in recruiting the team and staff. 

Yes. mang inasal takes every possible step in order to make the branch successful. Thus, it provides continuous support to its partners.

250 square metres is the basic requirement. But the  frontside of the site must be 10 metres with parking space.


To summarise ,Mang inasal is the well- respected fast-food brand of the philippines. In order to get the store,I have explained the procedure and complete process. All steps mentioned in the article to follow. Mang inasal wants to grow and expand its business with business-oriented partners.

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