Celebrate Father’s Day 2024 with Mang Inasal From 10 June to 30

Mang inasal values the Father by offering a discount on its meals. Like Mother’s Day, Mang Inasal decides to celebrate father’s day with zeal and zest. 

Mang Inasal, Grilling Expert famous for its menu and low prices, values the hard work, resilience and courage of the father. Thus, It decides to lower the prices of its meal. 

Mike V Castro,the Mang Inasal President, announced that we are thrilled to announce that we have extended the father’s day 2024 celebration until the end of june. So fathers and their families can order online, dine in and take away wherever they are.

Celebrate Fathers Day With Mang Inasal

What is the Promo Code For Father’s Day 2024?

 Feast For Daddy with IHAWtastic is the promo code of Father’s Day 2024. This promo code will be effective from 10th of the june to 30 june It is important to note that Father’s day is celebrated on every 29th of May of every year. This day reminds us of the influence of the father in the society, bond of father with its family and courage.Mang Inasal recognises this fact.

Fathers Day promo code of Mang Inasal

What Fathers can Get on Father’s Day at Mang Inasal?

Father and their families up to 3 members can get a Buddy Fiesta Combo on mang inasal for ₱499. 

What does it include in Buddy Fiesta Combo Deals?  

It includes

  •  2 chicken Pieces of Chicken Inasal Paa or Pecho. It is the desire of the father to decide whether he takes Pecho or Paa for ₱499. 
  • Besides, 2 Sticks of Hot pork BBQ, favourite java rice.
  •  2 extra creamy halo halo desserts,or crema de Leche halo halo 8oz
  • 3 small sized soft drinks

Moreover, under Buddy Fiesta Combo Deal of mang inasal, Fathers can get all the above items of mang inasal. All of this menu of Buddy Fiesta Combo is available for every fathers from 10 June to 30 June ,  2024.

Family Fiesta Combo For Large Families

Family Fiesta Combo  is the best choice for fathers and their families if the family members are 4 to 6 or more. The price of family Fiesta Combo for large families is ₱949  What family fiesta combo includes?

  • 3 pieces of chicken inasal Paa or Pecho.
  • Java rice with 6 sticks of Mang Inasal Pork BBQ sticks
  •  2 extra creamy halo halo desserts,or crema de Leche halo halo 8oz
  • 6 small sized soft drinks

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