10 Incredible Edgar Sia Characteristics– CEO Mang Inasal

Edgar sia characteristics are wealth, entrepreneurial qualities and an amazing educational background. These traits are taken as inspiration by students, mang inasal lovers and entrepreneurs. How he started a small business of Mang Inasal chicken while keeping the big fish of the market in check and became successful.

For business minded people, he set the example by establishing a small business and scaled up to millions of dollar business. Edgar is down to earth and takes care of his employees and customers equally. Besides, he is a ray of hope for students who are interested in  starting a new business venture.

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Edgar Sia Characteristics

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Actions speak louder than words. This fact well suits Edgar sia. Edgar Sia started his small business of mang inasal. Because of his entrepreneurial quality he successfully beat the other fast food chain. This paved the way to scale up the mang inasal revenue from a few pennies to 135 millions of dollars.

enterprenuer mindste is edgar sia characteristics.

Innovative and Critical Thinker

Innovative and Critical Thinker are edgar sia characteristics

Edgar Sia is committed to doing business with fair and square. He just does the things right and finds opportunities. These opportunities later on take the shape of business. Thus, producing tons of business. This is the reason he became a young millionaire.

Moreover, Innovation is one of another the Edgar Sia Characteristics, mang inasal is still relative to the current needs of the customers. Besides, Edgar Sia is helping boost the country’s economy and thus providing jobs to the local talent.

Promised Quality Food

Edgar Sia knows this fact that customers are god. This helps keep the customer’s taste at the top priority. This can be guage from the fact that mang inasal has grown up to 570 branches. Still the customers are enjoying the promised quality of food. This thing shows that customer satisfaction is more important than money. This contributes to another Edgar Sia characteristics.

Mang INASAL Food is edgar sia characteristics

Mind Reader Characteristics

Mind Reader edgar sia characteristics

This is another Edgar Sia characteristics to read the minds of the customer. This thing is a special gift from the god. Thus, He made the menu of mang inasal as per the desire and food experiences of the customers. This fact reveals that mang inasal was started in 2003; this is still the top priority of the people.

Apart from this, mang inasal is affordable to everyone. Everyone can enjoy the taste of traditional recipes of mang inasal which includes pork, famous chicken inasal,java rice and Halo halo dessert.

Edar Sia as a Ball of Fire

Edgar Sia is blessed with both personal and business sides. His family is very supportive while he has a great business mentor namely Tony Tan Caktiong. This reason makes him a successful entrepreneur. He is well trained to accept challenges and risk. That’s why he is beating the big players like KFC and Mcdonald in the fast food market.

In order to ensure quality of food and operations, Edgar pays frequent visits to stores and gets the customers feedback. Thus, his hard work is adding into the success of his businesses.

Edgar Sia and his mentor caktiong

Social Contribution

Social Contribution of edgar sia

Edgar is very supportive to his nation. As he feels proud to help his society. He has been involved in disaster relief programmes. Despite this, he feels honoured to feed the poor people. This shows how he is committed to eliminating poverty from society. Social engagement one out of many the edgar sia characteristics.

Visionary person

Edgar Sia is a visionary, progressive and practical man. This is the result of his farsighted vision that he expanded his business not only in the philippines but also other parts of the world. Mang inasal is operationalised in UAE, Qatar and others. Similarly, the stores have been opened in the USA, Canada and japan. This exponential growth speaks to the vision of Edgar Sia and his characteristics.

Visionary is a visionary Person

Team Building Qualities

Edgar Sia Team building capicities

Edgar Sia believes in a good team. As we all know that team makes and breaks. Following this fact, Sia has built a quality team. He provides the best training which contributes to the success of the businesses. As a result, Everyone enjoys their work and role. This thing makes the employee motivated and valued.

Community Engagement

As I have discussed, Edgar believes in social and cultural values of his country.on the one hand, has been contributing to the society by helping in disaster management programmes; while on the other hands, he has built strong social ties with its customers, investors and suppliers. 

Customers are valued for having a refreshing menu which is offered at affordable prices. He picks up raw material from local supplies thus, suppliers are valued. In the same line, investors feel blessed as mang inasal franchises are easily accessible to them.

Edgar Sia Community Management

Passion for Food

Edgar Sia Passion For Food

At an early age, Edgar developed a passion for food;Thus he Introduce popular and hot selling recipes in the philippines. As he has an innovative, visionary and productive mind. He has been doing great work for providing traditional taste to the people. The chicken inasal,a signature dish of mang inasal, is thought to be the national dish of philippines. This thing unearths the passion, commitment and loyalty of Edgar towards philippines’ cuisine.

Edgar Sia Early Life, Career & Personal Life

Edgar Sia is a Filipino businessman. He was born on 9 January, 1977 in ILoilo. He made the space in the real estate and fast food business. He is the boss of doubledragon corporation.Under the ages of DoubleDragon, He has been constructing residential plots and malls. 

Following this, He has become the youngest billionaire in 2011 when he sold 70% of mang inasal share to Jobliee.As per the 2023 reports of Forbes,Edgar Sia is the 50 richest person in the Philippines.

Early Life Of Edgar Sia

Business ventures of Edgar Sia

Edgar Sia is known for his business. He has made strong footholds in the field of real estate, grocery stores and fast food. These businesses are increasing Edgar’s wealth. Edgar Sia is scaling up his business in the entire world. Mang inasal stores are successfully operating in Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi , USA, Canada, Australia and many others.Let’s recap about the businesses owned by Edgar Sia.

Mang Inasal

Mang inasal is the fast food chain which was started by Edgar sia in 2003. He utilised his business strategies, executed plans and sound vision paved the way to make this business venture successful.

He started from scratch and now more than 570 stores are operating nationwide. A major shift took place when He sold 70% of mang inasal shares to Jubilee food corporation of $68 million. Later on, remaining 30% of shares of mang inasal was again sold to jubilee in 2016 at 41 million dollars.

This business venture made him the youngest billionaire in the world.As per the latest reports, Edgar sia net worth is 330 million dollars. In sum, the success of mang inasal speaks to the entrepreneurial characteristics of Edgar Sia.

Mang inasal a business venture of edgar sia

Double Dragon Properties Corporation

Double Dragon Properties Corporation

Edgar Sia wanted to excel in the real estate sector. This interest was translated into an Injap Land corporation. After the successful Mang inasal deal between Edgar and Tony Caketiong, Injap Land Corporation was again acquired by Tony Caktiong. Thus, it led to the birth of Double Dragon Corporation.

The core purpose of the Double Dragon is to make residential and commercial properties in the countryside. He has made 100 city malls in the small provinces namely Mindanao and Visayas. This venture is growing day and night.

MeryMart Consumer Corporation

Edgar Sia is crazy to expand his family business of grocery stores. His grandfather stepped into the grocery business in the 1950s. Later His father started his own retail business of grocery in 1989.

As the grocery business runs through the blood of Edgar Sia. he has extensive retail business experience in this field. Resultantly, he laid down the foundation of MeryMart consumer stores corporation in 2019. Like Vision 2030 of Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, Edgar forecasted vision 2030. Under the ages of this vision, Edgar is planned to build more than 1200 grocery stores which will cover small, medium and large retail. 

merymart of edgar sia

Facts About Edgar Sia

It is Edgar Sia characteristics who has a distinctive personality. Beside his success story, there are a number of hidden facts which can surprise an entrepreneur. Let’s dive into the details of those facts which are unknown to his fans.

1.College Dropout

It is an established fact that formal education and degrees do not define limits. Same thing happened to Edgar Sia. He wanted to become an architect but he failed to continue his education at San Agustin university. 

He dropped out of university.Later he got an opportunity to work in a laundry and  photography business. Just 7 years later, He started his famous restaurant Mang inasal. This was a humble startup which later on made him a millionaire.

edgar sia after school drop

3.Tony Tan Caktiong

Injap considers Tony Tan Caktiong as his mentor. Caktiong is a self made person who suddenly recognised the potential of Edgar sia.He was inspired by edgar’s business venture which grew from single store to multiple stores of mang inasal.

In 2009, Jubilee food acquired 70% of shares of mang inasal from edgar of around P3 billion. Later on in2016, remaining 30% of shares were acquired by Jubilee Food.

This bond was translated into a full time partnership. Edgar and Caktiong started a joint venture named as Double Dragon Corporation which is meant to build residential and commercial properties.

In the Forward page of Injap’s book ‘Life Principles’, Caktiong called Edgar Sia as his best friend.He quoted that he enjoys while doing business with Edgar Sia.


Clear vision, passion for food, serving the community and investing in the poor people for eradicating poverty are the core characteristics of Edgar Sia.

Innovative approach, reading minds, quality of work and strategic approach to run the business are the key skills which make the edgar sia so successful.


In Sum, I have extensively covered Edgar Sia characteristics. He started multiple business ventures like Mang Inasal, Double Dragon and MeryMart Stores which are producing hefty business for Edgar Sia.Besides, his clear vision, team building and Passion for traditional food are the core characteristics of Edgar. These characteristics are making him a successful business entrepreneur.

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