How to Eat Mang Inasal? Filipino Barbeque Chicken

Mang Inasal lovers are finding it hard to learn the eating etiquettes of chicken inasal. There are many things to understand like what the supplementary dishes and sauces are to be used to eat along with the chicken recipe. 

If you are new to mang inasal or seasoned lover, this guide will allow you to understand how to eat mang inasal dishes. I visited the mang inasal store along with my father who is new to mang inasal. I taught him how native people of philippines eat mang inasal.

How to Eat Mang Inasal ?

How to Eat Mang Inasal?

There are many ways to eat dishes and recipes of mang inasal. But I prefer to use native style of eating.

As my father was with me , I told him about the origin, history and popularity of mang inasal. I told my father that this restaurant is now owned by Jollibee(jolly food corporation). This was how we entered the mang inasal restaurant.

Washing Hands

It is the traditional habit of filippino people to wash their hands before eating meal. Keeping this fact in mind, there are open washing areas in every mang inasal store. 

People are lining up in a queue in order to wash their hands. My father and I also washed hands and used tissue paper to beat off water.

Wash your Hands Before eating Mang Inasal

Placing Order

place order chicken inasal, bangus sisig, inasal oil

I ordered chicken inasal, pork sisig(bangus inasal),chicken oil and a drink along with famous unli rice. It is an established fact that mang inasal is known for its quick delivery and service. We waited for 5 minutes and our order was served on the table.

Preparation of Filipino Sauce

I told my father to make the sauce. He was surprised that the special sauce was made by use. I nodded. Father started following me.

  • Sauce dish: I took the green sauce dish and calamansi. There was a small cut on the calamansi. I took the fork and started squeezing its juice. There were many calamansi seeds. I told my father you have to avoid it while eating.
  • Chilies: there were chilies and  I added it to the calamansi juice . I cut them into small pieces  with the help of a spoon and asked my father to follow. It is up to you how much chilies you add while making the sauce.
  • Addition of Soya sauce: Last but not the least, add the soya sauce into the calamansi juice and chilies.

Few People love to eat native vinegar called sinamak . This vinegar is also used in the sauce.  This is optional and not available to every branch of the mang inasal.

Your special and authentic Filipino sauce is ready. While Eating, you can dip your chicken inasal into this sauce and enjoy.

Chicken Oil

Chicken oil is a popular oil which is served in the mang inasal restaurant. I told my father that this oil is made up of chicken fats and astute oil. Well , this chicken oil is used on the top of the unli rice which scales up the flavour and taste of the unli rice.

Mang Inasal Oil

Unli Rice

Mang Inasal Ungli Rice

Mang inasal offers unlimited rice to its customers. Unli rice is love and life for the people.  Traditionally speaking, these rice are served on banana leaves. Anyhow, this fact attracted the maximum customers to the mang inasal restaurant.

I told my father that whenever I am hungry and have a low budget, my first preference is to pay a visit mang inasal to fulfil my appetite.

Eating Chicken Inasal

Mang inasal is the heaven of grilled chicken. That’s why it is known as Mr. barbequ. Anyhow, I removed a piece of the chicken,dipped it into the special sauce and ate it with the mang inasal rice.

Thus, we ate the mang inasal thigh(paa) and pecho(breast) with special sauce.

My father told me that there was a pleasant smell  of mang inasal chicken everywhere. Although, people of different cultures like korea, japan, and USA missed this meal because of lack of awareness.

Mang Inasal Chicken

Pork sisig

Mang Inasal Pork Sisig

I passed the pork sisig to my father which was especially ordered for him. My father was happy to have bangus sisig which was another important but popular dish of pinoy. He said that it tasted perfect.


This guide is perfect for those who are new to mang inasal or seasoned mang inasal lover. You can follow this guide or you can recommend this guide to your friends, family members or any one who is willing to visit the mang inasal and want to eat mang inasal.

You can take your lovers to mang inasal for dinner and enjoy chicken inasal, unli rice with chicken oil. For dessert, halo halo can make your day.

Quick Suggestion for eating mang inasal


Mang inasal is a fast food restaurant which is popular because of its chicken inasal. It is known as Mr. Barbeque.

Mang inasal chicken is made up of special spices and herbs which are the secret of mang inasal hotel. However, it is usually served with unli rice and mang inasal chicken oil.

Yellow oil is chicken oil. Chicken oil adds up to the taste of chicken and unli rice. People topped oil on the rice.


In a nutshell, I have covered how to eat mang inasal as per my last experience with my father. I have covered all the important  guides to taste the traditional cuisine of philippines. Follow the instructions and taste Chicken inasal, mang inasal famous oil and unlimited rice can make your taste-buds dancing.

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