Customer Privacy : Jollibee Announces to investigate Data Breach

Jollibee Food Corporation , the largest Fast Food Company, breached customer data. JFC announced the data leak of the customer privacy of  almost 32 million customers. Jollibee has announced plans to launch the investigation in order to probe into the matter.

Following the cybersecurity incident, the sensitive information of the 32 million customers have been affected.

Customer Privacy of Jollibee at Risk

What is the Point of View of Deep Web Konnet?

Deep Web Konnet unearths that the leak data of the customer was on sale for $40k. The data includes information such as bank details, customer personal information, payment history,sales data, food delivery, customer service and many more.besides, 650 million transactions of the customers were on sale. 

The alleged group have posted screenshots of the customers details on different forums for sale.

This was a serious death blow for the jollibee online system. 

Customer Privacy of Mang Inasal & Chowking

Mang Inasal and Chowking have been affect. Besides the customer data breach, Mang inasal employees data have been affected.

Are the Other Brands of Jollibee Face Data Breach?

There are scores of businesses running under the Jollibee Food Corporation(JFC). It includes Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Burger King and Highlands coffee. It has not been confirmed that data of these branches.

Are the Other Brands of Jollibee Face Data Breach

Is the Delivery Platform Affected as a Result of the Cybersecurity Issue?

Online delivery platform of the jollibee remains unaffected and fully sound. Customers have been using the  ecommerce and online systems of jollibee, Mang Inasal and Chowking.

Is the Delivery Platform of Jollibee Affected?

What is the Take of the National Privacy Commission NPC?

The National Privacy Commission of the Philippines is silent on this issue of customer data privacy. Besides,the National Commission of the Philippines reveals that almost 18 million customers of different businesses are under high risk.

What is the History of the Data Breach Of Jollibee?

This is not the first time that Jollibee Group faced the issue of customer data privacy. In the year of December 2017, Jollibee faced major data breaches. Following that incident, the database of the customers were affected.

The next year,Jollibee faced another cybersecurity incident. That incident led to the suspension of Jollibee online website by the National Privacy Commission.

What are the Steps Jollibee Taken to Limit Cyber Incidents?

Jollibee is taking this issue of data  leak very seriously. Jollibee has announced holistic steps in order to save the data of customers. For now, Jollibee has announced to implement ‘Response Protocols and enhanced security measures.

Additionally, Jollibee has been planning to consult relevant authority and security experts in order to protect the customers data.


To conclude, Jollibee customer data is under threat. There are more than 650 million transactions along with the personal data of 32 million customers. This issue raises serious questions on the credibility of the Jollibee and its sub brands like Mang Inasal and Chowking. Hoping that Jollibee will fix this issue permanently by taking cyber experts on board. Taking security measures may lead to the solution of the problem.

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