Why Do You Choose Mang Inasal? Top Reasons

Mang inasal influences the eating  decisions of the common people. People prefer Mang Inasal to the other brands like Mcdonald, KFC and many others. People are crazy to satisfy their taste buds.

There are a variety of reasons which force the people to go to Mang Inasal restaurant. For example, a unique menu , grilling expertise and affordable prices attract the maximum people. Follow the lesson, you will find why you choose mang inasal.

Why Do You Choose Mang Inasal.Reasons

Menu And Food Choices

People love the mang inasal because of its traditional recipes and classical menu. It offers chicken inasal which is an iconic and signature dish of mang inasal. This grilling expertise brings huge respect for the mang inasal restaurant. Chicken inasal is prepared with the help of local sauces and spices. It includes annatto oil, vinegar and many others.

Mang Inasal Healthy Menu

Pork barbeque has the craving taste for foodies. People love to eat mang inasal pork BBQ . In the same line, mang inasal offers unlimited rice to its customers irrespective of financial gain. This shows the loyalty and commitment of mang inasal to its customers. This is the reason why people go for mang inasal and prefer it insead of other fast food chains like Mcdonald and KFC.

Choose Mang Inasal for Traditional Recipes

The success and popularity of mang inasal can be attributed to traditional recipes.it is worth remarking that people prefer mang inasal because of its grilling expertise.it grills chicken, pork and others. 

Mang Inasal a Hub of Traditional Recipes

Moreover, its desserts like Halo halo , unlimited rice and other dishes appeal to the locals and foreigners alike. This influences the eating habits and food choices of the customers. Thus, this is the reason why you should go for mang inasal.

Mang Inasal Reviews, Testimonies and Experiences

Everything goes in a structured way in the mang inasal. The employees  of mang inasal are energetic, quick and fast. They provide agile,swift and expeditious   services to its customers. These things matter a lot. 

Mang Inasal Reviews, Testimonies and Experiences

Colour full platers, affordable prices, traditional flavours, fast services and quick delivery for dine in and  take away  compel the people to make choice for mang inasal.

Success, Growth and Development

Success and fame are other factors which allow the people to love mang inasal. Started in 2003 by Edgar Sia II from a single store to 570 franchises make this point unique. Mang inasal has been holding footprints in the foreign countries like Dubai, USA, Qatar and other parts of the world.

edgar sia,mang inasal owner, giving interview 7 years ago

This growth, happiness and booming industry stands unique in the world. The franchise model allows the business mind people to invest in this industry.

Ethical Commitment 

Mang inasal is committed to its society which is turning the table in its favour. People know the commitment of the brand as it is actively involved in humanitarian related activities. Similarly,it provides free of cost food to the crisis hit people. This speaks to the volume of social attachment of the mang inasal to its society. This fact allows the customers to remain loyal to mang inasal.

Top Choices and best Options

Mang inasal is the top and first priority of people. Despite the McDonald’s, KFC and chowing, mang inasal stands unique in the overrated fast food business. Its grilling expertise is unmatchable.

Jollibee vs. Mcdo vs. Chowking vs. KFC vs. Mang Inasal vs. Shakeys (Fast Food Chain Edition)

Very recently, I visited the mang inasal with my sister. I tried chicken inasal and plain rice. For dessert, I decided to have  halo halo. On the other hand, my sister took bangus and halo halo. All of those items had a long taste.

Some Other Reasons of Choosing Mang Inasal

Chicken Inasal

Chicken inasal is the top and hot selling item. In the year of 2022, a survey was conducted in order to check which brand offers the best and craving chicken inasal. Around 90% voted in the favour of mang inasal. 

Why do people favor mang inasal over other brands? Reason is simple and plain.it is prepared in local spices, vinegar, chilies, annatto oil. These help bring classical savoury and taste to chicken. All of these things are neglected and under-estimated by the other brands.

mang inasal chiken recipe

However, mang inasal stores are full and packed  every time. But, its classical cuisine  brings mouth watering taste experiences to the people.

Unlimited Rice

Unlimited rice paves the way and forces the common masses to choose the mang inasal. It is an established fact that people of the Philippines love to eat traditional recipes with rice. It created the opportunity for mang inasal.

 Thus,unlimited rice was a simple and trustworthy solution . This unique idea allows the people to choose mang inasal instead of other brands. People love to enjoy the chicken inasal without worrying about running out of rice.

Tradition of Kamayan

One can see the kamayan tradition in the mang inasal dining tables. What is kamayan? This is the practice of eating food with naked and bare hands. In this tradition, people don’t use the spoon and other utensils for eating. This is something which no one can experience while sitting on the dining table of other brands . These reasons allow the people to choose it again and again.

Tradition of Kamayan

Essential Condiments

Required condiments are contributive which increases the taste to the next level. Mang inasal patrons are served with chicken oil, special sauces and spices. These ingredients add up the taste of the chicken inasal. For this, dining tables of mang inasal are equipped with soya sauce, inasal oil and others. This fact really amuse its customers.

Mang Inasal A Reason to Celebrate

Mang Inasal A Reason to Celebrate

Pinoys love to celebrate their special events, parties, official gatherings and others with mang inasal. People of the Philippines are truly cherry, joyful and light hearted. Thus, they go for mang inasal’s grilled chicken, pork BBQ and palabok. This makes their day.


Mang inasal is the best and top rated food chain which offers traditional chicken inasal. A survey was conducted in 2022, which brand offers the best grilled chicken. About 90 percent of people spoke in favour of mang inasal. 

Local spices, mang inasal oil, annatto oil, special sauces and others make it a very special and delicious dish of the philippines.

Chicken inasal is the recognition of mang inasal. It offers top notch traditional grilled chicken in the world. This is an iconic, signature and top rated dish of mang inasal.

Mang inasal is a fast food chain which stands out because of mang inasal chicken recipe. This is the reason that makes it to be called Mr. Barbeque. This brand was started by a university dropout  Edgar Injap Sia II on 12 December,2003 in IIoilo city.


In summary, I have covered why you choose mang inasal? Menu, traditional and classical recipes, growth and development are the basic reasons for choosing the mang inasal restaurant.  In addition to this, it offers free food to the starved people during the time of national disasters. It also actively promotes the plastic free environment for their generations. These ethics and ethos make it unique and loveable.

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