New Mang Inasal Buko Pandan Halo Halo Dessert

Buko Pandan makes you excited whenever it is eaten.whereas, People across the world are facing issues while making the exact recipe. Food chain restaurants like mang inasal does not disclose its secret.

Last year in the summer season, I was on my yearly trip to the Philippines. I found this creamy recipe of Buko at mang inasal menu. Today my aunt is making buko halo halo dessert for me at home. Let’s make this recipe step by step under the supervision of my aunt.

New Mang Inasal Buko Pandan Halo Halo Dessert

What is Buko Pandan Halo Halo Filipino Dessert?

Like Halo Halo recipe, buko recipe is a green Filipino dessert which is normally eaten during the summer season. Following are the main ingredients of buko dessert: young coconut, agar agar jelly, pandan leaves(pandan flavour), and sago pearls. 

What is Buko Pandan Halo Halo Filipino Dessert?

This dessert is commonly served during hot season. However, pandan dessert is also served during occasions like Christmas, new year and others. 

Traditionally speaking, people of the Philippines eat this recipe at midday. While people love to eat after meals.

Ingredients and Items

Immature coconut

Fresh coconut is the key item of buko recipe. It is important to note that this component will make or break your recipe. Why is it important? Normally, young coconut makes the taste delightful and satisfactory.

One and a half cups of coconut is needed in this dessert. Make sure that coconut must be finely cut into stripes.

so , before purchasing the coconut, inform the vendor. Avoid buying the mature, old coconut which is brown in colour.

If you fail to get the fresh and young coconut, you can buy it from any store. but , you have to compromise the sweet syrup.

immature coconut for buko pandan recipe

Screwpine or pandan leaves

Screwpine or pandan leaves

These leaves give texture,taste and colour to the dessert.  10 grams of pandan leaves are needed for this recipe. Same quantity will go for powder and jelly.

If pandan leaves are not available, you can use its extract or powder. It is readily available at stores. It is noteworthy to inform you, dessert will lose its traditional texture.You can use agar – agar bars or powder of the jelly.

All purpose cream

1 can of cream which is 14 ounces is required. One can use a table or whipping cream. This quantity will remain the same.  Cream is a necessary item which will make the taste buds dance.

all purpos cream

Condensed Milk

condenced milk

Condensed milk is a contributing ingredient here.1 can which is 14 ounces will be used. 

Condensed milk is used as a sweetener. You can add sugar as per your taste and liking. but , my aunt did not use any more sugar. She told me that people usually add up to 4 cups of sugar in the condensed milk.

Some other ingredients and their quantity are listed below

  • One and half cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla essence
  • 4 drops of pandan extract
  • ½ cups of shocked Sago pearls
  • 1 jar of Kaong (palm fruit)
  • 1 can (14 ounce) nata de coco

Procedure and Instructions 

Step 1

Take the pot and add some pandan leaves into the pot.add jelly jelly powder and coconut water into it. As pandan leaves are green, it will translate the colour from transparent to green.

In order to enhance the green colour, my aunt used 4 drops of green food colour.

Step 2

Place the pot on the stove and keep the flame from low to medium. Start boiling. Remove the mixture from the stove and transfer the solution to a tray where it will set.

Step 3

Now add the sago pearls into the water. Cook these pearls on a low to medium heat. One can buy the readymade sago from any superstore.

Step 4

Cut the coconut into fine stripes. You can buy it from the store. My aunt cut the coconut into small cubes which seemed like squares.

Step 5

Now it is high time to cut down gulaman into fine cubes. 

Step 6

Now take a large bowl and add gulaman, coconut cubes,condensed milk and all purpose cream and sago on the ice. In order to give some special texture, add coco de nata and kaong. These two items are totally optional.

You have made it. Your salad is more tasty than that of mang inasal menu dessert.

Storing Guidelines and Tips

Buko must be chilled before serving. You can refrigerate the dessert from 3 days to 3 months. 

However, it is important to note that freezing will  make the whole recipe watery when it is defrosted or thawed.

How to Serve the Buko Pandan Dessert?

Buko taste can be increased before serving. You should refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours before serving. Furthermore, you can freeze buko salad overnight before serving.

Time and Duration Required

  • Preparation time is 10 minutes
  • Cooking time is  10 minutes
  • Total time is 20 minutes

Calories and Nutrition Facts


40 grams


3 grams


31 grams

Saturated fats

19 grams


104 milI gram


109 miligram


1 gram


338 miligrams


35 gram


120 gram


1 milli gram

Vitamin A

21 gram

Vitamin C

2 milligram

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

Pandan’s taste is like grassy while vanilla has a somewhat bitter taste. Vanilla is mostly used in western countries while pandan is used in Asian states.Thus, both have their own aroma.

Agar bar or jelly can be used after being soaked in water. It is then cut into small cubes for usage.

Make sure that all the desserts are drained well.Nata de coco and sago pearls become watery when these are defrosted or thawed.

Its flavour is grassy and floral.

Bako pandan is fit for health. It helps in maintaining the blood helps treat gloat and cramps and pains.


In summary, buko pandan is a traditional green Filipino dessert. The key ingredients are coconuts, agar- agar bars, condensed milk and all purpose cream. Sago, nata de coco and kaong are the optional items. Dessert is used to make midday meals more convincing and tasty.

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