Bang Inihaw Indonesia | A Copy Of Mang Inasal

Bang Inihaw Indonesia  is a copy of Mang Inasal in indonesia. The Bang Inihaw offers the same recipes like that of mang inasal of the Philippines. However, the names of the recipes are different. Many of the Filipinos are surprised to see the copy of Mang Inasal in Jakarta Indonesia.As the imposter introduced the same concept as that of Mang Inasal.

The term Bang is the local term which means older guy. While the Inihaw is taken from the Philippines which means master of barbeques and grill.

Bang Inihaw Indonesia

What is the True Story Of the Bang Inihaw Indonesia ?

According to the resources , the owner of the restaurant remained in the Philippines for sometime with the intention to copy the mang inasal concept. Therefore, he went ahead and copied the concept. 

Bang Inihaw is owned by Bambi Group of Companies. The owner of the Bambi Group of Companies called himself half filipino, half indo.

What is the Basic Information of Bang Inihaw?

Location/ AddressBenhil in central Jakarta Indonesia
OwnerBambi Group of Companies
Tagline Best of Both Worlds

What is the Menu of Bang Inihaw?

The menu of the Bang Inihaw  is the same as that of the menu of Mang Inasal Philippines. However, Bang of Indonesia dont offer chicken oil. Besides, it adds Indonesian spices and other local spices which gives the taste of both Mang Inasal and Indonesian recipes. It offers salad to the customers but Mang Inasal offers no salad to the customers.

Menu of Bang Inihaw Indonesia

Moreover, It offers unlimited rice just like the Mang Inasal. Bang also copied the halo halo dessert of the mang inasal. However, it sells this recipe under the name of Hola Hola.

Bang offers halal food to its customers and don’t offer the pork to the customers.

What are the differences b/w Bang Inihaw and Mang Inasal Recipes?

Difference beyween Bang Inihaw Indonesia and Mang Inasal

Following are the differences of Bang Inihaw and Mang Inasal based on the recipes and menus of both restaurants.

Bang InihawMang Inasal
No chicken oilOffers chicken oil
Uses Indonesian spicesUses Filipino local spices
Offers Halal foodDon’t offers halal food
Offers Salad with every mealDon’t offer salad to its customers
Don’t offers Pork Offers Pork

What are the similarities of Bang Inihaw and Mang Inasal Recipes?

Following Dishes offered by both Mang Inasal and Bang Inihaw.

Bang Inihaw and Mang Inasal offer similar recipes to the people of different countries. Bang Inihaw sells the same items as that of Mang Inasal but with different names.

  • Chicken inasal as the main and hot selling food item.
  • Unlimited rice is offered by both Mang Inasal and Bang Inihaw
  • Halo Halo is the main dessert of the mang inasal. But Bang Inihaw offers the same dessert under the name of Hola Hola.

What is the take of Mang Inasal on Bang Inihaw restaurant?

I contacted one of the representatives of the mang inasal. I inquired about the copy of the idea. The representative argued that We have no affiliation with Bang Inihaw. Moreover, He said that Mang Inasal has no branch in the indonesia.


Bang Inihaw was opened on 18 May,2018. The Exact location of the Bang Inihaw is Benhil in central Jakarta Indonesia.

Don’t think, don’t ask, just eat and feel the difference


In a nutshell, Bang Inihaw is the copy of the ideas of mang inasal concept in Indonesia. Mang Inasal representatives rejected any type affiliation and association with Bang Inihaw indonesia. However, It offers the same recipes under different names in Indonesia in general, Jakarta in particular. Moreover, it dont offer pork and haram. It offers only halal food irrespective of Mang Inasal.

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