Mang Inasal Allergen Declaration

Food allergen are common everywhere. People who are allergic to food want to know the information about specific food allergies.Mang inasal uses food which may trigger allergic reactions to the individual.

Mang inasal takes every possible step to keep its customers healthy and sound by providing top quality food menu . It provides detailed information about the foods which may trigger allergies.  Follow the instructions in order to avoid any bad experience.

Mang Inasal Allergen Declaration

Shared Kitchen Utensils and Allergen Alert

Chefs of mang inasal use common and shared kitchen tools and equipment for food preparation like chicken inasal, palabok, halo halo dessert etc. Following this, antigen and irritant may come in contact. Mang inasal does not give surety and guarantee about allergy. 

Ingredients and dishes may have the immune trigger which may be injurious to the health of the common masses. Some people are allergic to eggs, some are soya, fish and milk.

Chefs , store managers, staff and others do not claim the authenticity of food allergy.Although, concerned departments have been working on providing sound information about food allergy. In the same line, no test is performed on the non permanent products.

shared kitchen utensils of mang inasal

This is the general guideline and awareness. This information has nothing to do with the legal advice. Those who are seeking legal advice may contact the support team of mang inasal. 

In a nutshell, franchisees, stores, managers and employees are not responsible for any loss of men and money.

Follow this table or chart for getting information about the dishes and their possible irritant.This chart is as per latest updates.

Extra Creamy Halo-Hao
Chicken Inasal
Pork Sisig
Bangus Sisig
Chorizo Burger
Chorizo Patty
Slice Cheese
Pork BBQ
Grilled Liempo
Java Rice
Sinigang Soup
Chicken Oil
Chicken Empanada


In conclusion, mang inasal helps its customers to know about the dishes and their possible food allergy. However, there is no guarantee or surety about this. Staff, managers and franchisees are not responsible for any loss or damage.

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