Advantages & Disadvantages of Mang Inasal – Incredible Facts

Mang Inasal has won the hearts and minds of everyone because of its expected benefits, advantages and disadvantages of mang inasal. Apart from its great success of Mang Inasal, there is the issue of long working hours, low salaries,shortage of staff and limited options for students. Similarly, there is overcrowding, no other options for dairy products and limited options are some of the concerns.

There are scores of benefits and advantages of choosing mang inasal. Low prices, job opportunities, franchising model,menu variety and fun place advantages of mang inasal.Quick Service, friendly staff,unlimited rice and grilled chicken are some of the opportunities of choosing mang inasal.Let’s discuss advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mang Inasal

Advantages Of Mang Inasal

Mang inasal has a good reputation all across the world. There are scores of reasons that are paving the way for this cause. Here are some advantages of mang Inasal.

Unlimited Rice

Unlimited rice is the top notch advantage of choosing mang inasal. No one in the history of fast food offered unlimited recipes as mang inasal did. 

My father loves to eat unlimited rice as much as he can. This is the adorable characteristic of the mang inasal for offering such a dish which is valuable to the customers. This cause has created huge benefits and advantages for mang inasal in building its customer base.

For me , Whenever I have a low budget, I prefer to go for mang inasal. This is how unlimited rice attracts its customer base.

Mang Inasal Unlimited Rice

Mang Inasal Chicken

Mang Inasal chicken dish

Mang inasal chicken is the iconic dish and recipe of the mang inasal. It has multiple reasons to eat. There are health benefits as well as giving the traditional taste of philippines. 

Edgar Sia has built his dream of fast food chain because of this mang inasal chicken. People feel satisfaction when chicken is marinated with a blend of spices and cooked on bamboo sticks on coals.

Filipino Cuisine

Mang Inasal offers Filipino cuisine to its loyal customers. There are scores of fast food brands which are working  in the philippines. It includes KFC, Mcdonald, Jollibee and many others.

However, no one provides the traditional taste and flavour but mang inasal .Mang inasal has multiple dishes which are cooked and served in an old traditional fashion. For example, there is chicken inasal which is cooked with the help of local spices.It is served on the banana leaves.

By the same token, mang inasal also gives the chance that people can eat by using their hands. You can witness people wash their hands and take the mang inasal meal with their hands.

Filipino Cuisine

Friendly Staff

Mang Inasal Crew Staff are civilized

Mang Inasal crew members are very friendly, cooperative and energetic. They work hard for a longer period of time in order to make the customers satisfied. They are very polite, humble and courageous from taking orders till serving.

One can say that mang inasal working staff are putting untowards efforts in order to make this restaurant successful.

Fun Place

Mang inasal provides a peaceful place to eat. students , families, couples and officials choose to eat at the mang inasal stores because of their peaceful locations. People visit the mang inasal stores in order to relieve their stress.

Thus, people feel safe and calm to eat at the mang inasal stores.

Mang Inasal is a fun Place

Great Food Experience

Mang Inasal Dining Experience is good

Mang inasal provides the quality and quantity. You can get both under the single stores. Foreigners and visitors visit the mang inasal stores to taste the cultural cuisine of the philippines.

So, Mang inasal has become the source of showcasing Filipino culture especially food culture. People love to collect memories by visiting and meeting the people at mang inasal stores.

Job Opportunities Creation

Mang inasal is the wonderful platform that paves the way for the creation of jobs. The level of the job depends upon your qualification, skills and training. Passionate persons are working day and night and getting their  livelihood. 

There are 591 mang inasal stores all over the philippines. It provides jobs for more than 15000 people.

Mang inasal is the producing job opportunities

Quick Service and Convenience

Quick Services of Mang Inasal

Mang inasal staff, especially chefs and kitchen staff are very efficient. It provides your meal within a few minutes. People feel comfortable as because of the dine in and take away service provided by the mang inasal

 For example, I went to the mang inasal. I ordered mang inasal chicken breast, unlimited rice and a halo halo dessert. It took 5 minutes to serve me on the table.

Lower Prices and Affordability

Mang inasal is unique in the fast food hotel because of the best menu, low and compatible prices. It is the established fact that mang inasal cares about the middle class . 

Edgar Sia, the CEO of the mang Inasal, has developed the plan of targeting the common people with low income. Thus, he successfully gained recognition and popularity.

Mang Inasal lowered Prices

Franchising Model

Mang Inasal Franchise Model

Mang Inasal provides the opportunity of franchising  for the investors, capitalist and business analyst in order to invest their investment. There is a complete procedure of purchasing or buying mang inasal franchise.

Mang Inasal cares about the investment of the investors. It provides support from training of the employee to establishing the franchise. 

So, it is the best investment which people make with mang inasal by purchasing the mang inasal franchise.

Disadvantages of Mang Inasal

There are some disadvantages of mang inasal despite the success and popularity of the mang inasal. It includes shortage of employees, low income/salaries, over crowded locations and others.

Low Salaries of the Crew Staff

I met at the Malina branch with a few chefs of mang inasal who are not satisfied by their salary. They argued that it is hard for them to survive because of this package. 

It is the common fact that after the covid 19 the inflation has gone over the roof. Prices of commodities and others are high. This fact makes the kitchen staff of the mang inasal irritating.

Mang Inasal Low Salaries

Long Working Hours

Long Working Hours Of mang inasal

Mang inasal staff is suffering at the hands of long working hours. Crew members have a shift of 12 hours in a day. This is really set back for the employees of the mang inasal. 

Following this, other people face hurdles in order to join the mang inasal. All of this is creating staff deficiency. Thus impacting the success of the store.

Over Crowded Stores

Over crowd is another burning issue of the mang inasal. People love to eat, stay and visit mang inasal. As mang inasal attracts the maximum number of people to its branches. You have seen that mang inasal stores and dine-in areas are fully messed up. 

Scores of people face challenges to have the seats. This makes the customers unsatisfied. By the same token, overcrowding makes the crew staff more stressful than any other can do.

Mang Inasal Over crowded stores

Limited Menu Option

Mang Inasal Limited Menu

Mang Inasal offers limited menu options. This is another set back for the mang inasal. Mang inasal does not offer western meals at its branches. Thus, it is missing the customers. 

Similarly, mang inasal offers halo halo dessert. Although it is good to have, yet mang inasal think out of the box. It should introduced some new soft and hard drinks as KFC, Jollibee and Mcdonald.

It offers popular dishes like mang inasal chicken, pork sisig, pork bbq, and mang inasal soup. These dishes are adorable only to the old generations. Nowadays, the food trend has changed.New generations are more inclined towards western cuisine. Fried chicken, pizza, and others.

Health Concerns

Mang inasal menu is a rich source of fats, sodium and carbohydrates. It can cause serious health issues. People who are diabetic and blood pressure  patients are advised not to get a mang inasal meal until the doctor says.

Mang Inasal Health Issues

Some Others Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some more advantages and disadvantages of mang inasal.

It is gaining respect due to its involment in the disaster relief camps. One can experience that mang inasal teams are effectively taking part in the natural disasters and similar activities.

Mang inasal has been working day and night for the welfare of the common masses. It has been proving fruitful in this lisne. One can experience that mang inasal has been working in order to alleviate poverty and hunger from the society.

Mang inasal was purchased by the Jollibee Foods Corporation. It was serious set back. People are worried whether Mang inasal unlimited rice stay or not.

So these are the some more advantages and disadvantages of mang inasal.


Cost, traditional filipino cuisine and job opportunities give the mang inasal upper hand than that of Mcdonald, KFC and Jollibee fast food brands.

Mang inasal is sometimes not safe for the health as more fats, sodium and carbohydrates are present in its meals.So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of mang inasal.

Following the advantages and disadvanatges, Overcrowding is the core issue of the mang inasal. As more and more people visit the mang inasal. Thus, there is a serious issue of place for the customers.


To conclude,There are multiple advantages and disadvantages of the mang inasal. Job creation, friendly environment, productive staff, grilled chicken and unlimited rice are the core values of the mang inasal. Mang Inasal has been suffering at the hands of shortage of employees, low salaries of staff, and others. Overall, mang inasal has more benefits and advantages than that of its disadvantages.

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